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Friday, 31 January 2020

I'm going out!

Friday 31st January 2020
If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would know how incredible you truly are!

I'm going out, I'm going out, whoop whoop, yeah baby, tonight I'm going for a meal with my besties, I cannot wait!  We're off for an Indian the 3 of us but we'll need a table for 6 for all the dishes I plan on ordering 😛. Seriously though, I am so looking forward to catching up with my mates, the nearest I got to eating out last year was a MacDonalds with V on a Saturday morning.  I honestly can't remember the last time I went out for a meal especially one that wasn't at lunchtime.  It won't be a late night but it feels weird going out after dark but I can't wait for a natter and giggle with the girts oh and some Tandoori chicken, it's the food of the gods for sure. I've been drooling over the menu all week and still don't know what I'm going to order! 

Right back to yesterday, although I'm just enjoying the last sunrise of January 2020, it's a love pink with clouds of grey sweeping across the sky, just glorious.  

I enjoyed scrambled eggs and a sausage Pattie on a bap, 6SP on the Blue which I am, then at lunchtime I had a WW macaroni cheese ready meal 11SP, but proving I shouldn't buy bread rolls, I had one with my lunch and my dinner later which was the leftover green beans in lemon and syrup and a bit of chicken.  I eat bread rolls like people eat biscuits not happy till the packets gone! 

Don't forget tomorrow I'm going to start setting you daily challenges to help us make February Fabulous and get us looking forward to spring which isn't far away now.  For now thought I'm just going to wish you a Fabulous Friday, I can promise you mine is going to be, I intend to enjoy my massage this morning, spend some time with mom this afternoon and hope she'll be okay with me going out, then the thought of Smart Points will leave my head until tomorrow because I'm going to enjoy my night worry free of every thing. 

One meal does not a fat bird make!  I'll get back on track tomorrow, saying that I will probably be bringing home food too so it may take a few days to get within my Smart Points allowance!  Don't care, this is the birthday celebration I didn't have on my actual birthday. 

Ooo one more thing because it just made me smile, Zoe Ball is talking about 500 words and she said if you were writing a book, the title could be your first job and the last place you went on holiday, so mine would be 'The potato packer in Pembrokeshire' what would yours be called, theres a bit of Friday Fun for you. 

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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