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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

I'm a Blue Bird

Tuesday 31st December 2019
If at first you don't succeed, smile, you've just proved you belong here x

Well my day started just before 4am, mom woke up disorientated and feeling that she wasn't in her own bedroom.  This is how my life will be for the foreseeable so I have to learn to adapt to it, which I'm doing pretty well.  I do however have to not let it affect my healthy eating and weight loss efforts, that's my challenge for the year ahead.

Day one in the bag, I'm following the blue plan #BlueBird. I ended on 22SP so even carried over a point, I was gutted I couldn't find my Fitbit yesterday morning, I found it as I was just about to get into bed, but I tracked 2 dog walks which earned me 6SP, I ate fruit too, satsumas and a banana.  I nipped to Aldi, wasn't impressed with the dates on their veg and lack of veg so only bought a bit, got me some apples and oranges, going to add them to my diet.  Aldi didn't have any quark so I didn't get to try out the crustless quiche.

These were my meals, I tried to focus on my Blue plan zero heroes;

I was initially going to have the Spanish omelette which was use by 30/12 until I scanned it and it was 19SP, not a chance, it don't taste that good.  Instead I made a zero mushroom omelette.  I'll do an online shop the weekend and make sure everything is pointed before it goes into the basket. 

I had salmon and cauliflower rice with roasted veg for my main meal, and no I won't be roasting broccoli or sprouts again, they're not nice like that.  Still loving the roasted cauliflower rice though, just a bit of spray light and salt and roast for about 12 minutes, delicious. 

I had a 3SP salad sandwich for my tea because my body wanted some carbs! 

How did I resist all the good stuff that was left?  I gave it away!  

My lovely brother came round to help me sort my toilet / drains problem, which we did by the way, me a moron, I won't have it said - MUCH!  I struggled to try and get the drain cover off the other week when the toilet was gurgling and I couldn't, turns out I should've taken the screws out the four corners first!  In my defence, they weren't visible then as then drain was covered in dirt. 

Anyway, my kitchen is now a high Smart Pointed stuff free zone, whether it be fresh, frozen or out the cupboard.  I even sent the dog treats Alfie wouldn't eat (fussy bugga).  Full on back to basics in this house, can't eat what isn't there!  So that's your task today, have half hour sorting your kitchen cupboards and fridge, get your WW app and point up stuff, there's nothing you can't enjoy if you track it and know the points.

How about for 2020 we change our thoughts, it might just change our world!

Instead of saying 'I can't', say 'I could!'

Instead of believing, 'This is just how I am', start believing 'I can change'.

Instead of 'What if I fail?', think 'What if I succeed' Take a minute to think about what that looks like.

Are you thinking, 'It's easier said than done!' and you'd be right but you know what, 'It might work and there's no harm in giving it your best shot!'.

Been there, done that ay, you already know all this stuff.  How about knowing and acknowledging there is always more to learn and knowing it all is pointless if you don't put it into practice.

Yeah let's make 2020 the year we embrace change, create new stories and see the easy options as boring, let's embrace the tough stuff, nothing worth having comes easy after all.  Let's stop repeating those harmful patterns by acknowledging them and working on untangling them one at a time.  Let's confront our feelings and emotions instead of eating and drinking them!  I'm not doing dry January but I will be cutting down a LOT, I've drunk far too much this past week.

Make time for yourself, put your WW workshops in your diary as appointments that can't be cancelled, accept all the help and support that's available.   Yes life is challenging but it's also incredible.  We may not always have control but do we always need control, life doesn't need to be perfect and we can handle difficult things, heck I've proved that the last couple of years.  6 years today mom was allowed to come home from hospital in Wales, that was a life changer for us, I didn't realise how much at the time but as tough as it's gotten over these past 6 years, there have also been some great moments including mom and I having a cuddle this morning as she started to realise she was in her own bedroom.  Survival may be hard but it's beautiful and it's better than the alternative isn't it.

So start to notice your behaviours and actions, then choose to do something different.

As I look back over the last 12 months, I think about my siblings and I can honestly say I'm proud to be related to them, mom did a damn good job of all of us, my eldest brother is living with terminal cancer and making the most of life, my middle brother has fostered and trained dogs this year and help rehome them, he's so good at it, I'm super impressed, my youngest brother has helped me when I've needed him, he's helped keep me sane with our walks throughout the year and my sister, well where do I start, she's been my rock, I couldn't have continued working this year without her.  Yeah we're all a bit odd in our own ways but we're bloody awesome too, thanks mom xx

This coming year, let's all let go of being perfect, stop judging ourselves, let go of the self-doubt (hell we can do this), stop worrying, what will be will be, oh and how about we cut down on the complaining, it's draining.

Instead let's spend more time taking care of ourselves, it's not selfish, it's necessary, let's focus on the now, the 24 hours ahead of us.

I like the sound of all that, now to put it into practice, so I'm off to chop an apple and segment an orange, I might have a bit of egg on toast too, need some energy for the day ahead.  I love Tuesdays, busy morning and hoping to see lots of new members joining.

Need to go plan my meals for the rest of the day, what you having? Let's have a good day shall we?

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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