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Monday, 23 December 2019

Shopping Day - hurray!

Monday 23rd December 2019
"Made with love" means I licked the spoon and kept using it!

I caved yesterday, as mom stayed in bed I started cleaning up downstairs and before I knew it, I'd done the living room and put up a few Christmas decorations in the hope that it would cheer mom up.  When she did get up, she was much better than she had been the day before thankfully, she even ate some proper dinner, fish and oven chips with peas.  We had a lovely calm day, Alfie insisted on two walks, he's apparently learned to spell, and when I said to mom when she was asking what was the matter with him, 'he wants a W A L K' he came straight to me and did this; 

How can you say no to that face!  Well I could easily to be honest but he persists so it gets on your nerves in the end and you give up.

Oh and yes I've done my pre Christmas weigh in this morning and I gained the pound and a half I'd lost last week, so not too bad, just one more week to get through and we can get some kind of normality back.  I'm certainly not going to worry about it before Christmas, I hope to have a couple of calm, enjoyable days off, just need to make sure mom doesn't go crazy with the biscuit tin.

I'm off to Waitrose today to do my Christmas food shop with my gift voucher, I'm definitely looking forward to that, no shopping list, I shall just pop in the trolley whatever I fancy, I'm thinking an indoor picnic with all those things I don't buy because of the points, coleslaw, pesto pasta, cheese, pastrami, nom nom nom, I could go on but I won't.  Yeah it's the deli counter that floats my boat and bread, the good stuff, not the sliced.   Just having the time to chill and have a walk round is going to be the best.  The Christmas food shop has always been the one favourite thing I like to do at this time of year, it was usually the start of our holidays but I will still enjoy it knowing we're at home, it's just good to have time to rest, not to have to be anywhere and to spend with those you love. 

However you plan to spend your Christmas break or even if you’re working, take care and enjoy. Don’t worry about your weight for a few days, be happy in the knowledge that you can lose weight next year. 

Holidays are not an excuse to go crazy, but they are also not a time to cause yourself distress. This week, the guidelines are:

1. Enjoy yourself.

2. Eat what looks wonderful, pass on the ordinary. In other words, choose the scrumptious!

3. Take the time to enjoy the food. Try to determine what, if anything, looks especially good to you? You might gain some insight into why particular foods call to you.

4. Do not think you must consume the leftovers. The week between Christmas and New Year's is not annual "Eat the Leftovers" week but instead it's a regular week like any other. If you have lots of goodies staring at you, get rid of them, give them away (there are plenty of people with nothing, be generous, I'll be collecting for the food bank as always), freeze them for next weekend, throw them away (yes, you read that right, throw them away). 

There's no law that says we must eat the broken biscuits. Go ahead and enjoy some, but it's not necessary to stuff as much in as possible. Really, it's not. There will be other boxes of chocolates, other biscuits, other crisps, there will be other holidays!

This is the time to reflect on the year gone by and look toward the new. Next year is going to be excellent. 

I wish you all a happy holiday, and above all else, enjoy yourself today and everyday. Having an indulgence is fun, so go ahead and treat yourself, but switch from indulging regularly and eating well once in a while, to eating well regularly and indulging once in a while and you'll see the pounds start to disappear.

It’s been a privilege to weigh and support my members throughout 2019 and a joy to watch so many lose weight, achieve their goals, change in their physical appearance but also watch them grow in confidence. Here's to continuing the success next year and share it with others.
I can’t wait to see all my members step on my Scales that first meeting after Christmas and whatever they say, they’re gonna smile at me and say, “I’ve had a really good Christmas!” 

One more day to weigh before Christmas though, yes my workshops are open tomorrow, I'm looking forward to our Christmas Eve morning get together, I've been promised a bacon sandwich!  But that's tomorrow, I've got a day off today and I'm going shopping hurray ;) 

Catch ya tomorrow, luv ya, 


Love me x

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