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Saturday, 21 December 2019

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Saturday 21st December 
Believe there is good in the world.

Well I don't know about you but my favourite winter activity is getting back indoors and putting my pyjamas on, Alfie however has different ideas, he's loving his walks at the moment so I suppose I should thank him for helping me get some steps on my fit bit.  Does shivering count as exercise?  We do a lot of standing on his walks! 

Our day improved yesterday as mom settled and slept through the day, she's also still asleep now after an early night.  The highlight of my day yesterday was finding out my massage had already been paid for courtesy of my Saturday crew who I'm very much looking forward to seeing to thank this morning, that's the second lovely surprise gift I've had this week, the other was a voucher to buy myself some lovely crochet supplies which was such a thoughtful thing to do, I know the best people I really do.  Especially as I've not bought a darn thing!  I have bought and made things throughout the year and gifted them though, I'm not a complete grinch.  I just haven't had any Christmas spirit at all really, mostly because of mom and the fact I can't get out to look round the shops.

I'm starting to feel Christmassy now though, I love the kindness of this time of year, seeing everyone be that little bit nicer to each other.  It also brings out the worse in some, as proven by a ruckus in our street as I was getting into bed last night, usually I don't get involved but there was a dog involved, so I went out, that delayed me going to sleep by half hour.  Don't like my sleep interrupted.

Anyway back to Christmas, we're having a Christmas breakfast this morning after my workshop, looking forward to that, it's the closest I've come to a 'works do', I shan't be putting on a posh frock thought, which actually makes it better than a regular works do, no dressing up required.  I had a lovely phone call from a friend I don't hear from too often yesterday to wish me Happy Christmas, we had a quick catch up as I was driving home from my massage (Hands free of course).

After that chat on the phone I realised I really look forward to a time when I can absolutely go to town again at Christmas, when I get to walk round the shops buying ridiculous crap just because.  Oh yeah thats the best, that time will return I'm sure. 

Until then, I'm looking forward to my walk round Waitrose on Monday with my Gift Card and buying some delicious niceness, I've loved hearing what my members enjoy eating over Christmas this week, I'm thinking I too might opt for croissants for breakfast as did one of my lovely ladies.  Alfie and I had some turkey yesterday which was enough to make me realise, I'd rather have a chicken on a roast dinner.  

I had 2 foxes visit me last night, early in the evening too, I hadn't realised they were there and I scared them off twice - doh.  But I watch on the camera and they came back, the one sitting patiently waiting behind the other one to see if there was anything left for him, there must be a pecking order.  I could see there wasn't much left, so I went and put out the bit of turkey Alfie had left and so the second fox got the better dish for a change, ha patience paid off for him!   I'll get some cheap dog food today, I'm nice but I ain't feeding em turkey all Christmas! 

Right I'm away to have a shower, brr it' not warmed up completely here yet so let's hope shivering does burn calories!  I'm looking forward to my workshop this morning, then I'm hoping for a calm weekend with mom, some rubbish tele, we enjoyed The Mallorca Files yesterday, a BBC boxset, we binge watched the lot, kept us both quiet for the day.  

Looking forward to seeing everyones Facebook posts of their Christmas outings, living vicariously through others is working for me right now, lovely to see kids seeing Santa, my members getting dressed up and going to their works parties, it's all lovely.

Here's to a very, very Christmassy weekend.  Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x  

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