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Monday, 2 December 2019

Today Smile at everyone you see

Monday 2nd December 2019
If the plan doesn't work, change the plan not the goal.

It's just another manic Monday or is it?  I'm listening to the Bangles on Radio 2 can you tell :) 

Well I made my tuna pasta bake and I liked it, didn't follow a recipe just cooked some wholewheat pasta, opened a can of tuna, a can of sweetcorn, diced carrot, leftover green beans in a can, popped it all in a dish, fried some spring onions and garlic with spray light then threw in a tub of quark, poured that over the rest and topped with about 100g of cheese.  so only the cheese to point on purple, the pasta to point as well on blue and green, then the quark and sweetcorn to also point on green.  I enjoyed it very much.  

I've managed a stayed the same on the scales this morning, I'll take that, I just need to survive this month without gaining loads and resisting temptation.  My online shop has saved me for the coming week as I went back in the day after and took the naughty stuff out that I really didn't need!  I won't need to go to a shop now for yet another week so no temptation.  You can't eat what isn't there.  

The one thing that I did have yesterday was Pringles, mom kept offering me some and I caved in the end, could've been a lot worse.  It didn't help that I'd just had to pull back hours and hours of crochet because I'd gone wrong :( hey ho, I'm over it now, but at the time I was close to tears as I'd just finished the back of the cardigan I'm making, not it'll not get done too next weekend. 

Alfie and I enjoyed a lovely walk yesterday, well two actually, the first I nattered to my bestie on the phone, she told me how cold it is being a post at this time of year and how many hours they work, 69 she did last week, so if you see a postie, be nice to them!   Then Alfie told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted to go for another walk on the afternoon, he was in the mood, too me all down to estate, then along the canal.  He's a funny little thing, has his routes and doesn't deviate from them, he may not do that one often but when he does, you have no choice but to follow!  

This is him telling me he wants a walk! 

this is him when we got back.

Mom was good yesterday too YAY, she's even behaved all night, it does make for a much easier time when she's good, so I'll enjoy it when I can.  Today's my day off apart from some office work this morning so hopefully another good day - fingers crossed.   The advent calendar caused too much confusion for my liking, another reason Christmas is cancelled in my house, but I did like this idea that I saw on Facebook; 

So today, Smile at everyone you see, try it, you might like it xx

I've just seen a video for this recipe, it looks delicious https://www.facebook.com/officialgoodful/videos/1930871510316639/, there's other recipes on the video too.   

Put a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray 

1tbsp garlic
1tbsp rosemary
1tbsp oregano 
1tbsp Basil 
1tbsp Olive oil 
1tbsp lemon juice 
Salt and pepper 

Mix ingredients together and brush onto both sides of 4 salmon fillets  

1 courgette
1 yellow pepper
1 cup of mushrooms
1 pint of tomatoes 

Chop and place on the other side of baking tray, spray with spray oil and add salt and pepper.   

Bake for 30 mins of 400F / 200C degrees 

I fancy some salmon this week, I know I have some in the freezer.

Right lets embrace the day whether it's a mild or manic Monday, as mom said this morning, being alive and in pain is better than the alternative! 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me.

OMG, Brussel sprout ketchup goes on sale today Lucy - what's that all about! 

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