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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

It's only Christmas Eve

Tuesday 24th December 2019
There is nothing more precious than time.

Well it's Christmas Eve, hopefully you've all done everything, I've not done gifts at all this year, not even for mom so all I had to do was enjoy my food shop couple of hours yesterday and let's say a £200 gift card don't go that far in Waitrose you know!  Although I've got plenty of food to last me till the new year.  Proper food too, I was pretty restrained on the other stuff, I fancied some peanuts so I bought the smallest bag, got my obligatory twiglets a 6 pack, booze wise I resisted all the christmassy drinks like sherry and advocaat but did treat myself to a bottle of ginger wine and a bottle of dessert wine, they'll be my treats.  I resisted all the mini sausages and the like too.

We're having egg and chips for Christmas dinner as per moms request and when I asked her if she wanted chunky chips or fries she said, 'ooo I like both' so we're gonna have half and half.  I have bought a very posh lazy chicken dinner for the day after though, the potatoes, parsnips, sprouts all prepared posh Waitrose style, all I've got to do is pop them in the oven, I'll enjoy that and it'll make a couple of dinners so that'll do me twice.  nom nom.

We ended up having KFC for dinner though a treat for my sister for little with mom and giving me a morning to myself, it was the best chicken I've ever had from there, freshly cooked, I had to wait 20 minutes for it.  But what have they done to the chips, blah, I didn't have no problem leaving them, not nice.  Why mess with what wasn't broken I say!

I've got a lovely day ahead of me, I know most people wouldn't want to work on Christmas Eve but I'm looking forward to seeing lots of my members this morning (I doubt I'll see more than a handful tonight but I'll be there for anyone who needs me).  How lovely to see so many people I like so close to Christmas Day.  I'm hoping some of my members from other workshops nip in and I have a very, busy buzzing morning to set me up for 3 days with mom which could go either way.  Last night she wouldn't settle, I was shattered having been awake since 3am that morning and mom kept talking to Alfie, asking me to do things so it was after midnight when I finally go to go to sleep, coffee needed this morning.

She's not a well old lady at all, but she was cheered yesterday by a letter from Golden Balls, aka her favourite..... then she added son eventually!  She read that letter over and over and he's going to start writing to her regularly with tales of his childhood and the adventures he got up to with mom, me  and others.  I plan to type them up, we're onto a best seller there honestly!

Anyway, it's time to get my backside into gear, unload my car one more time before Christmas, I nearly said this year but I'm open Saturday ain't I doh.

I doubt you'll read my blog tomorrow (if I write one) so I'll wish you a very merry Christmas, enjoy spending time with those you lose and if you're on your own, enjoy the quiet (I'm a little jealous there!).

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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