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Saturday, 30 November 2019


Saturday 30th November 2019
When all else fails turn up the music and dance with your dog!

Well it's all been wrote down on my tracker, it's too many points but it's a start 😉

It's been a long night, the first couple of hours were spent listening to my complain about the temperature and constantly badger Alfie to try and get him in her room.  She has no filter at all, at that time of night she doesn't care about my rest, I'd already made her a hot water bottle but when she found a second on in the bathroom and was going to go make herself another, I got up and did it for her.  Then at three this morning, she was once again on the landing saying, "Bev, where are you?" Erm trying to get some sleep lol.  Oh and in-between some moron was making lots of noise in our street!  I didn't get up to see who it was because I was cosy in my bed and knew if I got up, I'd never get back to sleep, that went on for quite a long time.  YAY, happy days.

Thankfully the daytime was calmer, mom was really good on the morning, my brother visited so she wasn't alone when I went for my lovely massage, I'm so impressed by my massage lady, due on Christmas Day and still doing massages, you can't fault her work ethic, she really seems to have flown through the pregnancy, I hope the birth is a breeze for her too.  I'm not sure how many biscuits mom and my brother ate whilst I was gone but she was poorly all afternoon, it's a losing battle, she says 'don't let me eat any more crap', then an hour later she's picking up the biscuit tin and when I said, 'you told me not to let you eat any more crap' she just gave me the look, laughed and opened this tin! 

I've done my online shop, I was impressed to be honest when I went to take things out of the basket that weren't going to help me lose weight, there wasn't actually that much in it that shouldn't be there. I removed the chocolates, a lasagne which I knew would be off the scale points wise and I swapped the large apple crumble in the meal deal for fruit bowl - check me out.  However I've been fancying apple crumble for weeks so instead of the large one I found a pack of 2 small ones and mom and I can have one each, one portion is better than half a big one which would feed 3!

It's very frosty out there this morning, a lot of scraping going to be going on I think, thankfully it's not raining though, I'm looking forward to a couple of hours at my workshop with my wonderful members and then it's my Crafternoon for Mind https://www.facebook.com/events/2471645273104058/ I'm not asking anyone to go anywhere, just to spend a couple of hours being crafty, in any way they please, now I was going to work on my BeYOUtiful book and I might still, I've started it or I might do something else, but it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do something.  It could be making Christmas chains with the kids or origami snowflakes or anything you fancy.  

Crafting is good for the mind, it's relaxing and helps with stress, at this time of year that's a good thing I reckon.  If you want to make a donation to Mind the charity great, you can PayPal it to me or pay it directly into the tub in my workshops, but I've already raised some money, this crafternoon is more about working on your mental health than anything.  Oh and of course it doesn't have to be today, you can do it anytime and hopefully you'll enjoy it and continue to take time to craft on a regular basis. 

Right I need to go get ready for work, the mom is fast asleep - you couldn't make it up could you!  It's cold to be getting in the shower but I shall be brave.  Heres to warming up!

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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