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Thursday, 28 November 2019

Are you winning?

Thursday 28th November 2019
Make someone smile everyday, but never forget you're someone too.

Yesterday started so well, I had myself a delicious tasty breakfast, I'd treated myself to an olive roll from Sainsbury's, it was all so tasty. 

Brunch  💚 11SP 💙 7SP 💜 7SP

I spent a lovely morning clearing off old photos of food and other stuff off my phone and then backing the good ones up onto my computer whilst printing a handful out to start my BeYOUtiful book for our Mind event this Saturday https://www.facebook.com/events/2471645273104058/ I really enjoyed looking at photos of mom and I smiling and having fun, walked Alfie and managed not to get wet!  Then I finally got my cod in parsley sauce, it was an Asda sachet of parsley sauce, made up with skimmed milk it was 2SP a quarter of a packet. 
Cod in parsley sauce, brown basmati rice & peas 
💚 11SP 💙 8SP 💜 3SP

It was going so well food wise wasn't it, then this happened!

My sister posted "Bacon and egg pie for Beverley Longsden", thankfully I didn't get the entire pie, because I would have eaten it all but boy it was good.  Her pastry is to die for and to be fair if we were to eat it every day it probably would kill up lol.  Oh it's delicious though and I've never in my life had bacon and egg pie, before last week when she said she was making one for her husband I'd never even heard of it.  Anyway it blew the Smart Points bank just by looking at it, so good though.

The thing about this time of year particularly is to do what you can when you can and not to give up, there's so much temptation about, so instead of beating ourselves up every time we slip, how about we give ourself a cheer every time we resist, every time we have a win, we take a moment to appreciate it.  So the win for me last night is I could've smashed the lot, but I saved half for today 

My first win of the day is I've already put my slow cooker on, in it 3 things; 


total cost about £6, will serve 4 and total points for the 4 chicken breast in sauce is 
 💚 15SP 💙 9SP 💜 9SP, it'll go lovely with either mash or a handful of chips.  

Yeah I've started my day with a win, I also have chick pea curry and rice from Harj which I'll have  today and probably keep this chicken thing for tomorrow but it'll be cooked in advance which is always a bonus. 

One of my members achieved her goal last night losing five and a half stone, she joined November last year and she has really enjoyed her journey which is always a bonus, her life isn't the easiest like so many of us and it's proof that if we really want it we can achieve it, she's enjoyed her holidays and not put her life on hold.  

I forgot to give my mom her tablets when I got home so she didn't get them till she went to bed, that's not a mistake I'll make again if I can help it as it seems to take a couple of hours for the one tablet to kick in and relax her for the night but her 'wobbly' wasn't as bad as they have been thankfully, I'm treating Alfie to beef this weekend, he's so tolerant of her and deserves to be fed by a king from now on I've decided!  

Oh I have food to add to my 'To Eat' list, babble melted into baked beans or I'm thinking WW spaghetti, on toast with an egg on top, nom nom nom.  

Just found the list cos of course I'd forgot what was on it, this is what I still need to eat 
Toad in the Hole 
Hot pot
Chicken chow mein

I now want to add, chicken in chicken tonight honey and mustard sauce 
Homepride curry sauce
bellydraft to see if I've changed my mind and like it now as Paul keeps talking about it! 

I've added these ingredients to my online shopping basket for the next order I place.  Not sure if I'll have ready made toad in the hole or cook my own, and chow mien if I'm being honest I want the takeaway variety.

Oh talking about takeaways, I was traumatised last night to hear that McDonalds have extended their breakfast time till 11, I'm not impressed, I'm not a fan of their breakfasts but I do love their burgers and every Saturday when I leave my workshop, if it's just after half ten, I'm tempted to have one on the way home, now I'm not going to even be able to contemplate it.  I guess really that's a good thing, temptation has been removed from me. 

Right, I need to get gone, I'm running a little later than usual, moms been up an hour already, let's have a day full of 'wins' however small, notice them, appreciate them and give yourself a cheer because you're doing your best xx Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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