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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Need Slow Cooker ideas please...

Wednesday 27th November 2019
Stay strong, believe in yourself, never give up!

Wednesday morning, mid-week, I've managed a good 8 hours in bed = result! I earned my wage yesterday, very busy morning, lots of members and Black Friday WW sale, resulted in me getting lots of steps on my FitBit and the morning flying by in a blur, really good workshop, so pleased that Wendy achieved her 5 stone goal, made all the better because she was able to stay as Angie gave her a lift home, see workshops are all about community and I love them.

Yeah a good day all round, even when mom started to wobble, I was able to deflect her attention.  On the night when I got home, she was really good, thought I'd only been gone an hour, told me how she'd had a lovely time with my sis and then went on to tell me how lovely my sister was and how they were really getting on these days and how much she enjoyed spending time with her.  I love it when she's happy, even when she's not feeling great, yeah there was a bathroom accident, but I take them in my stride these days, we've had a few over the last week or so.  TMI for this time of the day maybe!

Anyway, let's talk about food (now I'm laughing that I can go from that subject to food) but hey that's how I roll lol.  I've finally finished the cottage pie out of the fridge, I still have some in the freezer but that can stay there for a bit, today I'm having cod in parsley sauce, been fancying it since last Thursday when a member mentioned it, nom nom, now usually I'd have it with mash but I'm all mashed out from the cottage pie so I'm thinking a few chips or maybe rice, we'll see, hoping I can tempt mom to eat a little.

I want to get using my slow cooker, I'm going to take some chicken out the freezer today and put them in the slow cooker tomorrow, so I'm not tempted to go off track on my busy Thursday, not sure what I'm going to do with them though, maybe a curry or I'm thinking a slow cooker chicken dinner, although I had chicken dinner at the weekend.  I'll go check out the cupboards, see what's in there and if you have any fail safe, quick, easy, delicious, low Smart Pointed slow cooker recipes, let me know and I can share.

I think the easiest one I've ever done is the Dorito Salsa chicken, the jar of salsa dip is 4SP and you just pour it over the chicken breasts and pop the slow cooker on low, then when ready shred the chicken in the sauce and enjoy on rice, with mash, in a wrap or those tortilla boats, quick and easy is what I like.  Shame I'm personally not a salsa fan!  Just swap the salsa for any jar of cooking sauce you like and adjust the points accordingly and voila you have a meal.  I really like the Chicken tonight honey and mustard sauce, it's 22SP a jar though, but if you split that 4 ways, it's not so bad, they're on offer in Sainsbury's for £1 a jar too, so cheap eats for sure.   I've always been a sucker for a can of Homepride curry sauce, it's 12SP and for it comes with so many memories, it was one of moms dishes.  Ooo that with chunks of onions, nom nom.   Just noticed Homepride do a BBQ cooking sauce too for 4SP per portion, that would be nice with chicken, peppers, onions, on rice. mmm.

I threw some puff pastry into my shopping basket on my delivery yesterday, oops, but my sister keeps talking about bacon and egg pie, which makes me want pastry, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but pie is definitely going to be on the menu over the coming week but as two of my Saturday members said last week, but only on the top lol.

I need to stop talking food, I'm starving now, I'm not really but I want food.  I started yesterday with a very healthy breakfast, I had a delicious omelette and used up the leftover broccoli from the day before, with some smoked salmon. mmm.

Right I'm off need another tumbler of water and some food, mom will want another cuppa too.  Here's to surviving another day despite the weather!  Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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