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Thursday, 21 November 2019

What a difference a day makes...

Thursday 21st November 2019
Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

I definitely took time to do what makes my soul happy yesterday, I full on treated myself, had me a vanilla cappuccino in my hug in a mug cup, whilst doing my crochet and then I bought the first season of Blue Bloods to watch on Amazon and I've been watching the ones that are on tele and I'm loving it, so I thought why not, I wouldn't think twice about spending that on a night out.  Plus I ordered that pause box from mind too https://pauseformind.org.uk, yeah bit of me stuff and time, it was good.  

Mom was mostly good yesterday too, just an hour in the afternoon where she switched but wow in comparison to what's been going on.  I tried giving her, the one tablet for anxiety which is supposed to help her sleep earlier and it might have been a coincidence but it seemed to work, she went to bed and was quiet, whereas the night before that took 4 hours, it helped that Alfie went on her bed straight away I reckon too though.  She's just woken up at 5.15 after we went to bed just after 9 and she's not disturbed me once.  That my friends is what I gratefully call a very, very exceptionally good day in the grand scheme of things these days.  

Topped off by this wonderfully, thoughtful gift from my bestie, they're buttons to sew onto my crochet work so people know I made it, aren't the just brilliant!  I can't wait to sew one on something now, better get finishing stuff, I can sew one onto the blanket I'm raffling for Mind and also onto the bag I made, that blanket above I'm doing is a baby blue blanket, it's bluer than the photo looks. 

Food wise, I did alright, over budget but eating mostly healthy, I did have a packet of WW bakes and a biscuit but it's a vast improvement. 

 Banana and Skyr fat free natural yogurt  💚 2SP 💙0SP 💜 0SP

Leftover veggies from yesterday with pork chop and some frozen onion gravy I found in the freezer (the other pork chop was Alfie’s!)  💚 13SP 💙 13SP 💜 9SP

This was so good chicken strips and fries with a flatbread, too many points to stay within my allowance but hey a bit of what you fancy & all that! 💚 18SP 💙 18SP 💜 18SP

The chips and chicken strips were from the £5 Co-op meal deal that's on offer in the freezer, 100g chips for 6SP bargain!  But I think it's changed to a new offer now, the fries were Crispy McCains French Fries (£2.10), the chicken was from this box which is £3 when not on offer. 

I have a pack of chicken that I want to do something with but I can't decide what, it's dated till 24th so if I don't think of anything today I can eat something else, I did find a Flava-it garden mint marinade in the cupboard that's tempting for 8SP the whole packet; 

or there's the Katsu curry pot which I think is 4SP
Then I've bought some quark, it's zero on blue and purple, I could make a garlic sauce of some sort with that, maybe even a carbonara I have some lean streaky bacon from Aldi.

I'm thinking I have mushrooms and spinach in the fridge, could do a pasta dish with them, make a sauce using the quark and some stock, top it with some cheese, nom nom, yeah possibly, I've been a bit of a meat head the last few days, a veggie pasta dish for one meal wouldn't kill me.  I know that means the chicken still needs using but there's always another meal lol. 

Anyway, I need to get my backside off this chair, I've got 5 workshops to run today, finally feeling like myself again after last weekend, the support I have from people around me is just wonderful, it gives me even more strength to carry on and handle everything that's happening. 

Right let's have a very, great day or at least as great as we can, as long as we're doing our best and take a few moments to focus on the things we are grateful for, it's all good.  

Yesterday I was grateful for my sister, my friends, my two walks with my dog where mom was okay being left on her own, this morning already I'm grateful for waking up before my alarm and doing ten minutes of meditation before starting my day, oh and this amazing mug of tea I'm enjoying. 

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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