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Friday, 29 November 2019

Weathering the winter

Friday 29th November 2019
If you don't like the path you're walking, start paving another one.

Well my slow cooker dinner worked out well, I used a can of Batchelors condensed cream of chicken soup (9SP) poured it over 4 chicken breasts, added a little water to swill out the can and one sliced leek, left it about 7 hours on low and voila, tasty dinner, I shredded the cooked chicken in the slow cooker with a couple of forks and had it with mash and courgettes.  Delicious and low in Smart Points on all MyWW plans.  
Slow cooker chicken & leek, mash and courgettes 😋 
💚 8SP 💙 6SP 💜 2SP

The rest of the day is a bit of a busy blur and now it's Friday again!  It was so good to see so many members on track and losing yesterday though I do remember that, there was a lot of weight lost on my scales and new members joining too which is brilliant, it's too easy to stop trying at this time of year. 

Well I know I'm in danger of completely losing the plot so I need to have a serious word with myself and get my act together!   There's this voice in my head that's a right greedy bitch and has such a great way of justifying everything!  Her latest line is well everyone else is having nights out and Christmas get togethers, you're not so you may as well have a bit of indulging at home, it's only the same thing!  Yes she's a conniving cow, she really is and I need to play her at her own game and cook plenty of healthy meals to balance out the moments she wins!  

I've got crumpets planned for today, I'm thinking I'll have them with cheesy beans or spaghetti using a melted babybel light.  Not decided on the rest of the day but it won't be a heavy day as I won't be doing much of anything. Actually I might roast the beef I have in the fridge then Alfie and I can share it, I'll make sandwiches maybe with mine or have it with some nice veggies, cook it really slow in the oven.  See that voice is in my head again, 'ooo crusty bread and lashing of butter with fried onions and slices of beef', you've got to admit she has excellent taste!

Will it stop raining so I can give Alfie a decent walk, we managed to get out yesterday but it's not much fun in the rain and he never wants to go far on a day like that, so let's hope for some dry days this weekend.

We talked about how to get back on track after a setback yesterday and one line that stuck with me was, 'Don't be afraid of the minus', in other words carry on tracking and regardless of how many Smart Points you use, don't be afraid to go into minuses.  I honestly think this is the best advice of all, it's too easy to think, 'well I've gone over now so sod it', and sod it syndrome is super dangerous, as is diet dementia when you just forget what you've had.  No we need a new condition to help us (well me anyway) to get through what is left of the year because I'm doing some serious damage on the scales at the moment and last night didn't help.  I stopped and bought a donor kebab on the way home and a cone of chips, thankfully Alfie decided he like kebab meat last night and no word of a lie, if I got 100g of the meat that was my lot, he wolfed it down and after the day he'd had with mom, he deserved it, the little love is having a cuddle with her on her bed right now, he's my little hero.  I only ate half the chips too but seriously I need to get a grip.  I need to stop the 'sod it' syndrome and the diet dementia, I need to stop with the Wellness Wins tracking and get back to tracking it all.  I'm going to have make an honesty pact with myself and track 100% completely honestly in a journal.  I've just found one on my desk that I started back in May when I was doing great, it still has 5 weeks to be used so that's my plan to complete it and carry it round with me. 

Now, that voice in my head that is my saboteur, well last night on my drive home, after I'd bought the kebab yeah, another voice popped into my head (I sound a little crazy don't I, I don't care, we all are, I just embrace my inner nutter) this one I like and I'm going to encourage her to keep returning, this was what she said, 'so your life isn't the easiest at the moment and you never know what you're going home to, and yeah you're stuck in the house a lot so you're not able to get out and about like you used to and you're not as active as you were HOWEVER you could use all that time you have 'stuck' in the house to work on yourself, to get yourself fit and healthy instead of thinking sod it, yes it's difficult but damn woman, you've done difficult on many an occasion and you can do it now.  

I do know these voices are just my subconscious by the way, I'm not completely barmy, well....

Yeah, journal in front of me, opened to a new week, it says, "Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend", on the next page there's a recipe for eggs Benedict, meh I ain't doing that but I do think I'll have egg on my crumpet with a WW hollandaise sauce, that's as good as without having to make my own sauces.  I'm following the Blue plan, it's worked for me in the past, I loved it when they introduced Flex and it was the plan for me, so if it's not broke don't fix it I say.   I need to go review my online shopping basket before I press order lol, let's just say it's not full of oranges and lettuce!  I will remove the TIN of heroes and the carton of celebrations!  Yep I did, guilty of throwing them in the basket, I'll now throw them back out.

Here's to Day 1 of being honest to myself!  Wish me luck, I am going to need it, as I know it's easy for me to be positive in the morning when moms woke up in a good mood, not so easy when she kicks off at 3pm and says she doesn't need babysitting and she'll be just fine on her own thank you!  

Here's to weathering the winter! I'VE GOT THIS!  Have you? 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me more xx 

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