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Monday, 11 November 2019

A change is as good as a rest...

Monday 11th November 2019
Keep going because you did not come this far just to come this far.
Up before 3 this morning mom wanted a cup of tea, a water bottle and the heating on, thankfully we were in bed by 8 last night so even with the few times she woke me up to ask where Alfie was, I've still managed some sleep and for that I'm thankful.

I enjoyed playing around with my crochet yesterday, did a couple of scrunchies and the ones I sell for £5, the money will all go to charity.   I bought some cotton yarn earlier in the year thinking it was something else so at least I can use some of that up now and the money won't be completely wasted, there's always a good cause to help.

Now I know people might think £5 is a lot of money but I get 2 from 1 ball which cost £1.40, plus it takes me almost an hour to do, then there's the elastic thing in the middle.  The problem is things can be bought cheaply from shops and handmade things can't compete on price, I'm just hoping because it's for charity people will want one.  I'm going to try and make other things that people might be willing to pay for, that I'll enjoy doing and that will use up the yarn I already have.  I loved doing this snowflake dishcloth; 

This mug of tea I'm drinking is just the best, you can't beat that first cuppa in the morning can you, well trust me at half 3 it's even better 😉

Another Monday morning has rolled around, and my credit card statement was yesterday, I did it, I didn't buy anything that I didn't need using it, I only used it for food and my massage, but even that thankfully was only once I think as I was treated a couple of times this last month and I had to miss a week.  I'm happy in the knowledge my wages will cover my credit card bill this month.  I'm going to try and continue to do the same this month, if only I could do it with food!

I'm still not 'on track', but I am still trying and that's half the battle, I may have had a little gain last week but I'm still over half stone lighter at least than when I started back on it in May, that's the main thing.  The truth is the plan only works if you follow it!  I know I'm not following it 100% but I'm still being guided by it which is why I'm not gaining and gaining.  At some point it will kick back in and I'll be all over it again, until then, I will take it one day at a time and survive the struggle.    The fact I'm shopping less frequently is a good sign, it means I'm eating less for sure, I haven't even thought about what to have for dinner today, but I can tell you there's not a to in my fridge, when I just looked I laughed at how bare it was, there's a bottle of light mayo, light salad cream, mustard, lots of WW protein chocolate bars (because I only have one occasionally), a lamb shank in mint gravy, which a November use by date, so that may be today's dinner or maybe later in the week when I'm short on time.  There's a solitary pepper in the salad drawer, think that's it apart from the low fat spread, it's never looked like that before, I actually quite like it too in a bizarre way because I'm not under pressure to eat it all.  There's plenty of food in my freezer, the dishes I've cooked and frozen some of, so I'm good for food, don't really need to shop yet.  I'm thinking egg and wedges maybe today with baked beans, nom nom, mom might be tempted by a bit of that too.

I'm really looking forward to my workshops this week, got lots to tell my members and I know they're excited to hear, although their apps will give most of it away before they get to me!  Hopefully having it explained will ensure they still make their workshops and stay to listen.

mom's a bit anxious this morning so I'm going to get off the computer and go sit with her, catch ya tomorrow, be as good as you're able, give yourself a break if you're struggling but don't give up.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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