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Friday, 1 November 2019

"NO" vember

Friday 1st November 2019
If you have the power to make someone happy, do it.  The world needs more of that.

Well it's official, chocolate doesn't last long enough to make it worth the calories!  One of my members got me Lemon Dime bars yesterday because I love dime bars and I love lemon and wanted to give them a try, within a minute a bar was gone, it wasn't all that, spoilt a good dime bar but what do you think happened next?  Oh and it was 8SP wasted too, well next I had to nip to Poundstretcher for cough sweets for mom and they had ordinary dime bars, so yep I bought a 3 pack and had another one of those, now I'd almost eaten the points equal to a bottle of wine which would have lasted me a lot longer and made me feel chilled too.  All the Dime bars did was made me want more chocolate, truly addictive that stuff is, like crisps, there ain't enough of them in a packet either.   No it doesn't last long enough and the memory of it doesn't linger either, not like a delicious chicken dinner or a beef curry and rice, now that's food worth getting excited over.

Line drawn, Dime bars out of my system - oh and the bits got stuck in my teeth, no good for your teeth all that sugar either - here's to a day of eating my veggies. making something delicious for my dinner and being healthier than yesterday!

We had the clock thing again in the middle of the night, so now she had our big clock from the living room that runs on battery, that's not the solution, I'm going to have to buy her a clock that runs on batteries because she's got it into her head that the plug in one is going to electrocute her ;( other than that though she had a good day yesterday, slept an awful lot when I was at work so that was a bit of a break for my sister.   She's been up since just after 4 when she asked me if she could get up or was too early, melts my heart when she asks my permission to do something because she's my mom and shouldn't feel she has too.  I've not got to go anywhere today and by the look of the weather even Alfie ain't getting a walk so I can spend the entire day with her and make her feel loved and safe, we'll find some rubbish to watch on tele and have a quiet day.

Ooo I'm going to make parmesan courgettes to use the ones up in my fridge and I know the only cheese I have is a little tub of parmesan, I'll slice them in rings, put on a lined baking tray, spray with a little spray light, bit of salt and pepper, maybe a little garlic or onion powder, then sprinkle parmesan on the top and roast in the oven, nom nom, might have them with the gnocchi I bought from Aldi a few weeks back, that'll make a really filling and healthy meal.  For breakfast I'm going to have pilchards on toast because I've fancied it for weeks now, I probably won't need a third meal after those two and I'm hoping for an early night with mom like we got last Friday.

November is all about the MIND, raising money for the charity but also trying to encourage people to take care of their own mental health.  It can also be "NO"vember, saying no to things is great for our mental health, say NO to self hate, No to being lazy (just because it's November doesn't mean we have to hibernate completely), No to excuses, No to unhealthy food (in large quantities, a little of what you fancy does you good), No to mindless eating (pay attention, if you're gonna eat it, enjoy it), No to regrets (if you're gonna regret it - don't do it), No to self doubt (you can do this), No skipping your workshops (your workshop needs you and you need your workshop) and finally NO to quitting,

November, chapter 11 of 12, the last month of Autumn, coming to the end of another year of your life, think for a minute maybe the journey you're on isn't so much about becoming anything, maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.  I'll leave you with that thought, who are you really, when you remove all the expectations xx

mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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