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Monday, 13 May 2019

#MyMay weekly review

Monday 13th May 2019
Surely not everybody was Kung Fu fighting?

True love is your mom waking you up at 4am messing in her drawers (I'm assuming she was looking for her purse) and you lie there smiling and think at least we went to bed early, thankfully I managed to doze back off.  Like mother like daughter really, I've just searched the living room for my journal, then the kitchen before giving up and finding it on my printer in my office, I'd bought it up the night before and what's even more frustrating is I'm losing steps on my Fitbit because I've got it on charge :)

Doesn't sunshine make such a difference, I loved yesterday, I'm a completely different person when the sun shines.

Yesterdays results;
8 hours 11 mins sleep (16mins restless)
19,271 steps
162 active minutes

That's what the FitBit is saying and my WW app is telling me I earned 41 FitPoints yesterday, meaning I did 103 over the week, I'll take that!   Especially as yesterday I not only delivered flyers with my bestie V, she halved the time it would've taken me so I was truly grateful for that, but I then went home and filled a wheelie bin full of weeds from my front garden, which showed up as 38 minutes of 'sport' on my WW app when it took the info from my Fitbit.  I love that it acknowledges any kind of movement and I don't have to go to the gym or an exercise class.

I ended my journal week on minus 27, but then the 103 FitPoints will counteract that.  new week starts today.

Now the journal asks me questions like

The best bits: Doing it, going to bed every night and realising I can do this, #MyMay is really helping, making myself a priority whilst still taking care of mom.

The hardest bits: Not being able to eat as much food and drink quite as much wine as I'd like to ;) I'll never be that person who naturally eats and drinks less but I can still do it.

I've learned: A good nights sleep is helping me in so many ways, it keeps me out of the cupboards at my witching hour plus gives me the mental and physical energy to get through the next day.

I've loved eating:  The beetroot bread roll was delicious, I also loved sausage and mash, might make that again today.

Next week my goal is: to make sure I carry on drinking my water and look for any opportunity to move more, from doing the house work to taking the dog for that second walk.

Achievements/successes this week: To be seen on the scales Wednesday, but other successes include those 549 active minutes I did, oh and resisting that extra glass of wine on week day nights, especially when they taste so good - that my friend is the biggest achievement.

What answers would you be putting in those blanks.  Every day is about the little wins, everyone can 'diet' for a couple of weeks, it's keeping it going, so I got on track on the last day of April, which means I've done those couple of weeks, now to do another two.  I know seeing a loss on the scales Wednesday is going to motivate me, but regardless of what they say, I feel so much better in myself.

I'm going to spend some time today planning meals, and using my journal to write them in, even if I don't eat them in that order at least I'll have the ideas there.

What are you going to do today to help you succeed?  It was great to see so many join me in getting on track last week and seeing them smile at the results, if you didn't you can jump onboard today, better late than never.  Let's make today a magic Monday.

Never give up, I don't, I got mom out the front yesterday to sit and chat to me whilst I did a bit of weeding, that was a huge win, it may of only been 38 minutes but she was outside and on that push along chair thing I bought that she's never used, persistence pays off, I will persist!

Right I have an open week in my workshops to prepare for, here's to a magic Monday, a wonderful week and hopefully sunshine for all of it.

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