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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Broke a promise to myself!

Wednesday 22nd May 2019
If you improve by 1% every week, within a year you will have improved by 52%

So #MyMay got real yesterday!  I admitted Monday, I finished my week on minus 94 which was probably over 100 because I'd pointed the yogurt wrong, anyway I'd promised myself I wouldn't get on the scales before weigh day because they can fluctuate so much and I don't want my journey just to be about the numbers.  Well I broke that promise and I'm glad I did, I stood on my own scales in the workshop yesterday morning and it was showing I'd lost (I know they might be different today) but I have to say it motivated me massively, I came home cleared out my kitchen scales, made a public declaration of my start weight (yeah I put it out there for the world to see) and the love and support I got from that post was BeYOUtiful!  

It reminded me how important it is to find your tribe, those that make you feel like the best version of YOU, the ones that lift you up and help you remember who you truly are.  Those that remind you that a blip in the road is just that, a blip, if you're going through a tough time, they will walk beside you until you come out the other side.  They are the ones when you walk out of a room, they've made you feel better than when you walked in.  Your tribe are the ones that even if you don't see them face to face, you feel them heart to heart, if you haven't already, find yourself that kind of tribe and love them hard.   I've found mine in my WW family, I have met so many incredible people over the last 15 years, some I've never met in person but thanks to Facebook we've been able to connect. 

So it's out there, I started on May 1st at 13st 4.5lb, back at my start weight but I am in the process of crawling my way back to being Bev rather than just being a carer for my mom, it's taken me a few months to get my head right, but I'm feeling the best I've felt in a very, long time.  And I've got to this place by focusing on those little wins, giving myself some attention.  Rejoining a workshop has helped me massively this month because it's made me focus and be accountable, posting on Facebook yesterday is going to add to that accountability, it'll be a reminder that I want to do this. 

Seeing all the success in my workshops is inspiring me too, yesterday there was so many pounds lost on my scales, almost 10 stone in total, there's proof right there, WW works! 

I've lost 3.5lb so far and hopefully today that'll be more,  I'm under no illusion it isn't going to be easy, but I've done 3 weeks and holding in there and anyway 'm not in any rush, I love food & wine way too much to deny myself completely. I can't put my wellbeing on hold whilst caring for my mom - I matter too, I can't let her illness and behaviour continue to send me to the kitchen for comfort either.  So last night when she refused to take her tablets, I just said okay and rolled my eyes as I left the room, they'd gone this morning so either she took them or hid them but hey - pick your battles is something I've learned the last few years ;) 

I've been going old school since rejoining, I'm using a paper journal to track my journey, I still use my app to point stuff and because I want those wins, I already have the metal bottle, I have my eye on my next prize.  Yesterday I cleared those kitchen cupboards, got the old sharpie pen and marked the points on everything, anything I scanned and decided was too high in points and not worth it, went in a bag for the food bank.  Look at that for organised!  The coffee mate is for my brother when he visits, so not worth the points! 

I made breakfast muffins on the morning, for anyone who hasn't made them here's photo instructions, so easy, I added some leftover blueberries this time.  Usual ratio is 1 egg, 1 banana, 30g porridge.  

I used 2 bananas, 2 eggs, 2 packets of WW raspberry & chai seeds porridge 10SP (there's 45g in each packet so you could use 95g of porridge or 10SP instead. 

break up banana in a jug or bowl
 then mash them up 
add the eggs
and mix in 
 stir in porridge
 I added blueberries, you could add raspberries 
 share between a mini muffin tin  (£6.45 on amazon)
 take them out about 20 mins later or when they look cooked (mine were on 180) 
 eat some warm but be careful those berries burn! 
 20 mini muffins, 2 for 1SP, delicious. 

If you're interested this was what I ate yesterday, some of those mini muffins, my lunch was a random mix of liver and onions leftovers and I cooked some lentils and stirred them into the onion gravy it worked, great way for me to hide lentils which of course are a zero hero.  

Dinner was cod in butter sauce (3SP each), I had 2 because I was hungry and I'm using the freezer contents, mash and veg, 

Then I did indulge in a glass of wine and a bag of crisps, like I said I'm taking my time on this journey, I'm in no rush to get to goal. 

Today's weigh day, off to be weighed by the lovely Elle at my WW workshop this morning, wish me luck, here's to another good day for all of us, not sure what's on my menu but I'm going for a 23SP day today, no wine tonight because it's a long day at work tomorrow.  Need to go freezer diving to see what I've got to tempt me! 

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