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Monday, 20 May 2019

May's my fav month so far this year #MyMay

Monday 20th May 2019
Happiness is the thing we want most for the people we love most.  Put yourself on that list.

Well starting the day with a 5 mile walk really was lovely yesterday, my only disappointment was that I had hoped we could follow the wulfrun path from Essington to Northicote but as you can see from the red line below, we had to double back on ourselves because for some reason there's a gate with barbed wire about 100 yards before the Cannock Road and if they expect anyone to be able to walk around the fence, it's not happening because it's so overgrown, real shame because for the sake of that short length it could've made for a lovely walk, I wanted to follow to find out.  The 5 mile we did was lovely though through green fields and lovely views. 

When we got back I walked Alfie, unlike my bro's dogs, he doesn't do a 20 minute mile, I recorded the walks with him yesterday for amusement the first we did was 0.6m in 55 minutes, the second 1.1m in 48 minutes, but add up all the steps I did yesterday and I ended up with 9.33 miles, 142 active minutes and 37 Fit Points, not bad for a Sunday!  

Didn't have much of an appetite yesterday so picked but then to tempt mom I suggested some chicken in batter I had in the freezer, they were 6SP each because of the batter and they're processed meats, but they really hit the spot and so good to see mom eat some proper food rather than biscuits! 

For tea we both had a crisp sarnie, again it's better for her than just the crisps! 

I realised an epic fail yesterday, see even I get it wrong, it has to be zero Greek not low fat! II hadn't noticed when I bought it that it wasn't zero, I just saw 2 versions and opted for the obvious low fat one.  I’ve eaten the whole tub over the last 2 weeks thinking it was zero and it's a kilo tub with 21SP total in it, so an extra day of points, all makes a difference to the results on the scales. 

My third week on plan hasn't been as successful if you only look at the points I've used, I finished the week on minus 94 - oops but if you look at it from my #MyMay project, it's still going really well, just looking at my weekly review in my journal, and THE BEST BITS were sitting on the green with Alfie for half hour and not stressing about having to be home, my massage on Friday, walking with my brother and seeing not 1 but 2 herons and bunny rabbits running in the field, piglets playing, getting my hanging baskets and putting them on the hooks and watering them for the first time this year, really enjoying my workshops - knowing how my members feel when they either do or don't get the results they want, appreciating nature on my walks, the dandelions and pretty flowers oh and the goldfinch I've seen a couple of times.  Yeah I can't actually remember anything I've eaten this week other than yesterday because I've just wrote about it, oh I lie I remember that chicken and spinach masala,  but how good is it that I'm not just thinking about food and I'm appreciating the little things in life.  

THE HARDEST BITS, well that's resisting the nibbles I made the mistake of buying, I'm a babybel light addict, won't be buying them again, I can't resist them, same with those WW Fava beans, I know it's okay to have snacks but I can't use my wine points on them, they're not worth it.  

I have a freezer full of food and an empty purse so I need to find a way of using those foods this week, might take the liver out today and do liver and onions, I have a couple of frozen WW meals and some Penn Rd sausages, so I can stay out the supermarket really, at least till payday on Friday - where did May go!  The last bank holiday weekend until August coming so let's make it a good one.

Here's to staying within my allowance, if I don't earn the fit points I can't use the extra points and this week I didn't quite earn enough to cover my deficit. 

Hey Ho, todays another day, let's make it a very, great one. 

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