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Monday, 22 April 2019

Another glorious day forecast

Monday 22nd April 2019
Easter is a second change.

Now I'm not religious but you could see it as a time for second chances, Easter is also an anagram for A RESET, which is what I'll be doing after enjoying Easter Sunday a little too much, but thankfully I've managed a sneaky half off, that'll be the good work I did earlier in the week.  

I know there was a copious amount of chocolate eaten yesterday, none in my house though, we didn't have any thankfully, so I could've done more damage!  

We enjoyed a good day, started with my glorious walk in the woods, where we enjoyed the bluebells and the start of the white flowers on the wild garlic.  We even got to see a baby badger, I couldn't believe it but we left it be as you shouldn't mess with nature and I'm sure the rest of the pack weren't far away, I've always wanted to see a badger so there's another bucket list tick. 

I got home and walked Alfie, well we walked a little then I stood whilst he lay on the grass!  When I got back from that my sister had dropped this off for me; 

Well after my long walk and not having eaten yet, this became my breakfast and wow it was delicious, she told me she cooked the beef on high in the slow cooker, it was from Morrisons and it was amazing and her Yorkshires are always incredible, kept me going most of the day that did.

Mom and I enjoyed some sunshine in the garden and the weather forecast on the radio has just said we could break records for Easter Monday with the temperatures today, as high as 25, so I can't see many people getting back on track until tomorrow!  That's okay though, the reset button can wait another day, every day you wake up with the opportunity to renew, refresh and reset, today or tomorrow looks like a perfect day for pressing that button. 


And if you needed a little motivation to show you it's more than doable, check out Dave's article on Birmingham Live Slimmer loses incredible 7.5 stone

He's an inspiration he really is, I can't tell you how proud I am of him and every one of my members who are doing what they can to live a healthier lifestyle.

Here's to a very, very great day.

Stay BeYOUtiful!   



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