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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Time to be a grown up!

13th September 2018
Decide what you want.  Believe you can have it.  Believe that you deserve it, and believe it’s possible for you.

We’re almost in the middle of September already!  There’s only 110 days (15 weeks) left in 2018 which means 103 days till Christmas by the way, still time to lose some weight before the celebrations begin!  I think, no I know, I need to get my head back in the game.  I need to work on making new habits because moms just refusing to eat meals and it’s messing with my meal plans and then I get sulky like I did yesterday, only in the kitchen where she can’t see but it causes issues with what I then eat because most things you buy serve 2 people!  I’d bought these crispy flat round chip things yesterday reduced to 38p thinking we can have half each, with veg and chicken so although the chips are high in points the rest is zero.  Because she didn’t want any, they had to be used because of the date so I had them all without the chicken and veg!  That’s not helping me get healthy!  Neither is sulking in the kitchen. 

I need to completely rethink my meal plan.  I need to shop for meals for one where possible.  Some stuff can be used another day but not everything, those chips couldn’t be cooked and reheated.  Micowave rice has 2 portions, I have half portion in the fridge from Tuesday, I’m going to have to start using my freezer to freeze the second meal where something serves two. 

The truth is I need to go back to basics and spend some time focusing on me and my eating habits.  Over the last week bread has become my best friend and that needs to stop!  I had bread with every meal yesterday, putting a bit of salad on it doesn’t make for a healthy diet. 

Yeah time to refocus, I’ve got the makings of a stew which is great because that’s one meal I am happy to eat more than once and moms never ate that so it won’t bother me when she says no.   I might have egg breakfast wraps this morning, ooo I could do some chicken breast sausages and wrap the egg round them, see this is where I’d through in some spinach but I haven’t got any because I’ve not been thinking about my shopping.  I need to make a list of what meals I can eat and what veg I have.  I have some asparagus left though so I can use them.  I have loads of peppers so I need to use them up, mmm, I could use that leftover rice to do a stuffed pepper.

Hold on a minute…

I’m back, it’s taken me 10 minutes to get dinner in the slow cooker and 4 minutes of that was finding the damn can opener!  I’ve sliced all the peppers (there was a lot) thrown them in the slow cooker with the cherry tomatoes I had left, a can of chick peas, 2 chicken breasts and I’ve topped them with a bottle of Blend Bros sweet chilli sauce which from memory is 3SP for the lot.  It’ll either work or it won’t, either way I feel in control and I have dinner sorted when I get back later.

Did I feel like doing that?  Am I in the zone?  Is my mojo back? Erm NO!  But come on, time to be a grown up, we don’t have to enjoy doing thing, we’re always doing stuff we don’t feel like doing, the washing up, washing our clothes, cleaning the house, for some going to work, getting up when the alarm goes off.  Life is full of having to do stuff we don’t really want to do but we still do it so let’s add cooking healthy food to the list.

Time for me to get ready for my day, moms up and ready for her tea and meds so I’ll catch you tomorrow, I’ll see some of you in the meetings today, can’t wait to catch up.  Let’s do this together because you know what WE ABSOLUTELY CAN! 
Have a very great day, smile at stuff and whether you want to or not BeYOUtiful, work on making those healthy habits xx

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