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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Could I be any prouder!

1st April 2018

Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you’ve come.

For most today is April Fool’s day or Easter Sunday but for two of my members, it’s a special day, first there’s Lucy, it’s her birthday and since her last birthday she’s shed 4 stone and has changed so much over the last year, I’m super proud of her and I hope she has the best birthday.

Then there’s my bestie Vicky, she’s appearing in the Weight Watchers advert on TV, the first showing is this morning in-between Coronation Street ITV2 at 11.15 or The Voice on ITV1 at 11.45, the again at 14.25pm ITV2 and 21.30 on ITV1 but if you can’t wait these links will take you to what could be similar to what the tv add will be! 

She looks stunning in her red dress and you can see her other half Mark in the background, he’s the man who’s basically rebuild half my house, the cupboards under my stairs, my bedroom wardrobes and my kitchen, and a lovely bloke to boot.

It’s great getting to see Vicky embracing Flex and truly enjoying her weight loss journey, 22lb lost so far, just incredible.

I’m just super proud, my Vicky has always been BeYOUtiful but to see her lately, there’s a sparkle in her eyes, she’s rocking her skinny jeans which she’d never worn before and just having a good time with life in a different way.  Proof that when you’re ready, you can and will succeed.

Back to reality!  I shall mostly be cooking a turkey crown today and making a cooked dinner, then enjoying a quiet Sunday with mom, she’s a bit poorly, beware the overindulgence of the Easter treats which made for a miserable night for mom last night!  I’ve hidden all the goodies now so I can control what she’s eating, she just doesn’t put the two things together, overeat on nice things = feel awful afterwards.

Hopefully she’ll feel better today, I won’t lie I did think we might be going to the hospital as she was actually sick and the last time that happened we were in Wales and it didn’t end well.  Fingers crossed we’re not heading back in that direction, I’ll keep my eye on what she’s eating.

Here’s to a wonderful Easter Sunday, mine has certainly started well with Vicky’s advert, I know it’s WW advert but not in my house it isn’t, it’s all about my bestie who I met in a Weight Watcher meeting around this time of year in 2004 when I joined to lose weight and the rest as they say is history.  Yeah just one more thing I have WW to thank for, we’ve been through so much together, visited some wonderful places and had so many incredible times, lots of love and laughter shared.  A true friend forever. Xx

Right let’s get on with my day, I love a lazy Sunday but I am looking forward to a roast dinner, going to roast onions and carrots, I might even do stuffing! 

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful and remember success is yours when you’re ready.


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