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Sunday, 15 April 2018

I asked for a Summerhouse, I got a miracle

15th April 2018
Strong people accept both compliments and criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow.

Well it’s complete, well not 100% complete of course as I now get to prettify it up with hanging baskets and a couple of nice armchairs in the summerhouse, ooo here’s to the sunshine.  Can you believe the sun even came out for us when I got back from my meeting and mom came to explore, first time she’s been out the back garden for a very long time.

Here’s the story of my garden, a few years ago my other brother helped me make it easier to maintain, built me a little greenhouse so I could enjoy being outside.  Sadly this last 12-18 months, I’ve just not being able to keep on top of it, as much as I love plants, I don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours at a time in the garden each week so I decided it needed making safe, maybe a Summerhouse to enjoy the morning sun and for mom be able to sit out safely.

What my brother Terry and our Dan did was beyond what I had hoped they’d do.  When you consider the weather this week, so much rain, it’s just amazing what they’ve achieved.   I can’t believe I didn’t take really good before photos, I never even thought to, so the only before ones I have were taken in January when I messaged Terry to show him how bad it had got, I took the photo from moms bedroom window.

It looked like this;

Now I know it looks bad, but in reality it was even worse than it looked, there was so many mature shrubs that took some serious getting out, bamboo that had go out of control at the back, it was a crazy mess and they worked like trojans.  You can't begin to imagine how hard they worked, then there was ten tonne of gravel involved towards the end.  Just so thankful for everything that's been done for me this week, very, very grateful, I won't lie, I came home and cried when I saw it, I'm sat here a bit teary now remembering the half hour mom and I had sitting in our new Summerhouse, listening to her say, "I didn't realise he wasn't coming back, I haven't said thank you properly."  Then tellling me to get it carpeted because the floor was dirty and needed a good hoover, Alfie was getting wet!"  Yeah she loves it.

Here's a video summing up their hard work Garden video

and here's the link to the photos Garden photo album

But here's just a few shots of the process  

Tuesday morning, it looked even worse than this shot! 
Tuesday afternoon we'd already got this far

You can start to see how many bushes there were, they've already removed trees from where the summerhouse base is!
 This was the day I greaved for all my plants and the garden I once had.
 This shot reminded me of the mess it had before, the pond that was full of crap instead of fish.

 Then fast forward to Saturday mornig and we have this! 
They've use the slate from round the old pond to make these which I love, now I just need to paint the fence panels when the weather dries them out!
Seeing this face made it all worthwhile and I know the lads agreed.
 I was told to put the kettle on and when I came back they were chilling!
💕 Yeah worth every penny and every bead of sweat, we all deserve to be loved and looked after by others 💕 

I'll leave you with that thought, are you taking care of those nearest and dearest to you?  And are they returning that love and attention.

Enjoy your Sunday, I do hope the sun comes out, I have a summerhouse I want to sit in, drink wine and crochet :) 

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