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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Have a great day, whatever comes your way

17th April 2018
Behave in a way that enables you to say you chose this life not settled for it.

Well I had a lovely day off, ran a few errands, including getting me a new bird table for the garden, hopefully they’ll return now.  I’ve used all the rocks I rescued from Terry’s garden makeover to hold the table down, they weren’t just any old rocks, they were all the rocks and stones my mom’s collected over time, some of which she made me carry miles when we were doing our coastal walks!   I also got 3 plastic shoe trays from IKEA to go underneath them and the gravel to hopefully stop the seed that falls from growing but even if it does, I’ll be able to pull it out before it gets its roots stuck in the earth.

I can sit in my summerhouse and watch the birds now

Got my hands on a couple of nice stone pots too, couldn’t find a bird bath I liked but I will, I did see a water feature I liked but there were plugs and wires involved and I don’t need all that hassle, maybe a solar one if I see one but I’ll probably settle for a bird bath.

Once I’d done all that and finished the washing up that mom started, I went and had me an hour in my summerhouse with my crochet and my audio book, yep I’m going to enjoy summer up there. 

Now to get back to focusing on my diet, I’ll start with eggs for breakfast I think, need to take some Salmon out of the freezer, eating fast food last week and having heartburn more than usual makes me realise why I eat healthier foods.  I haven’t thought about food much this last week which you would think is a good thing, but it isn’t because when I don’t think about it, I just grab anything and that’s not always the good stuff.

I’ve got another chicken in the fridge as I bought two for £7, so I’m thinking another chicken dinner this week, need to check the use by date, it might be today so that’ll solve dinner.  Once again I’ll shop just for necessities this week, save a few pennies after the money I’ve spent on the garden, I need to.

I’ve just read a post on Facebook that says;
If one million women buy their next item of clothing secondhand instead of new, we would save 6 million kg of carbon pollution from entering the atmosphere.

I’ve going one step further this year and trying not to buy clothes if I can help it, I have enough dresses to last me a year easily, I decluttered my house, now we’ve decluttered my garden, now I’m doing the same in my wardrobe and everything I have.  Life is easier with less of everything, except love and patience – you can never have too much of that.  I needed to pull on reserves of both yesterday, she wasn’t in a great mood but looking out my kitchen window and seeing my lovely garden every time I went to make her a drink helped me take a deep breathe and stay calm and cope.

Right now to start the day with another glass of water and some breakfast.  Have a great day, whatever comes your way BeYOUtiful.

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