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Monday, 9 April 2018

It's a misty Monday morning

9th April 2018
Be YOU, not them, you’re rare & BeYOUtiful.

I’m not going to lie, I woke up yesterday and looked out the window and was disappointed that it wasn’t raining because then I’d have been able to cancel our walk, I really didn’t fancy going anywhere if I’m honest, I just wanted to sit around and be a lazy bird.
Thankfully it wasn’t and I went and we had a lovely walk, a good hour and a half of chatter and enjoying the view, whilst being reminded of how much I love to be outdoors, walking in nature, normally on my own is how I prefer it, but it was good to be walking with interesting and incredible women and enjoy their company.

Lucy and I went for chicken wings and chips afterwards and I have to say, they weren’t all that, we sat outside and could smell the oil from the kitchen every time the door was opened, it’s cured me of greasy foods for a while, there was just too much grease and oil going on there for my liking.

I have to rethink my week, I had contemplated cooking in my meetings this week but I now have my brother and his wife coming to stay from today, so maybe giving me even more to do isn’t the best option!  I’ll have a think this morning before deciding.  I will be making that roast chicken dinner today though that I’d originally planned for yesterday, now that I am looking forward too. 

I’m trying to decide on my next crochet project even though I’m only halfway through this one, I just like the idea of being able to do both at the same time, I want a lap blanket for my summer house, it’ll probably end up being purely decorative but you never know.  I can’t get mom to wear a cardigan, I have no chance with a blanket!  It’s 23 degrees in my house right now because she’s cold constantly, whilst I’m walking around in my underwear because I’m sweating like a bitch.

My first week in my new journal hasn’t been the best but it’s an improvement on the week before, as long as I haven’t gained when I weigh tomorrow, I’ll be okay with that.  The coming week, I’ll take it as it comes, my brother and his wife have not eaten good home cooked food for months so we shall be eating whatever they fancy, I can sort any damage out later.

Right, I need to get my thinking cap on and work on my meeting notes, I’ve got to be at the vets at 9.30, then I’m having reflexology with Dawn at https://www.facebook.com/amazingreflexology/ which I can’t wait for, let’s see what she’s got to say about my middle aged messy body :) which I absolutely love by the way, even with its extra stone and a bit more!

 Catch ya tomorrow, make Monday matter BeYOUtiful because you do xx

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