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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Nice bit of cod...

24th April 2018
Focus on friendships, not followers

I decluttered my house last year, it’s not clutter free but it’s a lot better than it once had been, my office could probably do with gutting but that ain’t happening any time soon.  I do things when the mood takes me these days, not because they need to be done, that way when I do get round to doing those tasks, I usually enjoy them and appreciate the finished job more.  Yesterday I finally painted the floor of my summerhouse, now to decide what to do with the rest of it, do I leave the walls as they are or paint them a light colour to lighten up the interior – decisions, decisions. 

Talking of decluttering, it seems doing that on my house has made me want/need less of other stuff, on my new phone instead of four screens worth of apps at the moment there are less than two, no notifications coming from them either other than the phone bit and the texts.  I’ve cut down on my social media too, I still use it, probably too much but I’m improving.  My phone helps keep me in touch with those who are far away from me, like my bestie and my brother, but they can distract us from those we see daily.  We all need to practice putting our phones down when we’re with others, it’s important to strike a balance.  I’ll never not us my Facebook but now when I do it’s not instead of interacting with people face to face. 

My car failed it’s mot yesterday but it’s all good because that’s the first time in the 14 years I’ve had it that it’s failed and I’m going to take it back Friday to get sorted.  I may not have it over the weekend if he can’t get it finished in a day but thankfully I have backup for a lift to my meeting Saturday morning.   I had lifts yesterday too – how lucky am I to have a support system.

Right I have cod defrosted in my fridge, what to cook with it?  I’ve been told the lemon dressing from the meeting goes really well on fish, just add veg and bake in the oven.  As it’s a zero food, I could wrap it in pancetta or bacon medallions and have with asparagus. Mmm. I have some Sainsbury’s flatbreads, I could do big posh fishfinger sandwiches, grated parmesan (need a grater, my sister nabbed mine!), breadcrumbs, an egg and some herbs – oregano, basil, thyme.  That would be lush, with a cucumber relish.  There are lots of recipes on the WW site or app.  Tandoori cod is good, just use some paste, or a cod curry.

This looks lush https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/cod-with-lentils-recipe and a great way to make lentils taste good!

Simple baked cod with roasted summer vegetables like courgette, peppers, asparagus, tomatoes and onions would be lush.

Anyway, moms just started moving about so I better go get on with my day, looking forward to catching up with my members today.

I think I’ve decided what I’m going to do with my cod, cook some spaghetti, roast the cod with a pack of cherry tomatoes that I bought yesterday, maybe a few gloves of garlic, then if I can get some basil leaves from over the Co-op they will get stirred into the finished pasta, serve it with some grated parmesan or shavings cos I’ll have to use my potato peeler until I replace my grater lol.  Oo that sounds lush, looking forward to my dinner now. 

Right BeYOUtiful have a great day, I’m gone, need to put the kettle on….

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