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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Just start, go back to the beginning

11th April 2018
Next time you think about throwing in the towel, remember how much laundry you already have!

Losing weight is about lifestyle.  Agree?  If you can include healthier habits into your daily routine then weight loss will happen naturally.  I sat in the Chinese takeaway last night waiting for one for my guests and myself for our tea, it has to be the first time I’ve been in one for quite a long time, I definitely haven’t been in one this year, and can’t remember, but I’ve just searched my blogs and it was last September.  It was quite busy in there and I asked are you always this busy, he replied ‘this is quiet’, then went on to tell me on a Saturday night he answers both phones at once, his daughter helps too and they easily do a hundred deliveries, that wouldn’t include the collections and drop ins.  That takeaway is most likely a weekly habit for a lot of people and just got me to thinking, I know I’m not the best loser in the world but my eating habits are pretty healthy most of the time. I have to say as takeaways go, his was the healthiest Chinese I’d had ever I think and a vast improvement on the last time I’d been there.  Think it’s called the Golden Gate at the new invention island, next to the chilli peppers.

Anyway, habits, I know straight away we thinking exercise and healthy foods, but what else could it mean.  Have you noticed when all is good in your world, weight loss is easier, we like routine and normality don’t we.  We function better after a good night’s sleep, so that’s a good habit to get into, make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time, I went later than I’m used to last night and I know it’ll affect me.

If your work lunch was ready for you to take with you when you got up and dressed would you be likely to stick to only eating that and stay on track?  Hell yeah, so why not get into the routine of putting your lunch up the night before when you’re preparing dinner, or after you’ve eaten it.  Before you go to bed anyways.

Would getting into a regular shopping habit help you lose weight, shopping online maybe and adding to the basket throughout the week as you run out.

What else might help?  I just realise having visitors here this week, how in a routine mom and I are, and how much I like it.

My brother and Dan worked really hard yesterday, they spent the day clearing as much of the garden as they could, trust me there was a lot to clear, I can’t tell you how grateful I am, how much of a difference it’s going to make to our lives.  At the moment, the garden isn’t safe for mom to go outside nor Alfie to be honest, I’m sure that’s how he ended up with an ulcer on his eye, by messing about in those bushes.  They’ve going to get as much done as possible whilst they’re here and I know he’ll do a great job because that’s what he does.  I’m just letting him do what he thinks will work because he knows more about this than me, I’ve gone down the ‘pretty’ road and it isn’t sustainable and it’s damned hard work on maintenance, I don’t have the time these days for gardening.

It made me think, sometimes you need to completely go back to nothing and rebuild rather than trying to repair put a plaster so to speak on what you already have, I know they won’t have time to do the entire garden but I’m looking forward to seeing what they can get done and having the Summerhouse up so we can sit and chill in there if we ever get a summer!

Now I think today will be an interesting long day, so I better get to it, I have paperwork to get done, evening meetings tonight and I’m sure my brother is going to have things for me to do – wish me luck…

Have a good day BeYOUtiful xx

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