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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Shot out of bed this morning!

10th April 2018
Now is the best time to start becoming the person you want to be.

So I’ve been awake since five to four this morning, mom shouted me to ask me if I was okay, apparently I shouted “NO” in my sleep, but I’m not so sure, I think she might have dreamt it, anyway, she’s gone back to sleep and I’m wide away because I jumped out of bed with such a fright, hearing her shout my name!  Our visitors downstairs didn’t hear any of it I don’t think.

It was good having a house full of laughter yesterday, I think mom enjoyed it too, you can never tell sometimes, we ate delicious cheese and onion pie cooked by my sister, so it wasn’t the best WWer day, but I didn’t really eat a fat lot of anything else.

Damage limitation for the next 4 days, they leave Saturday and hopefully he’ll have managed to do some damage on my garden and got my Summerhouse up by then, I can’t believe it’s forecast rain for the entire week – thank you April for your showers – NOT!

I’ve just ordered my next lot of wool, although I still have half of this project to do but I like the idea of alternating between the two.  I couldn’t decide on colours, I was thinking green because it’s going to be for the summer house and that’s outside and greens a garden colour, I’ve ended up with pistachio, pale rose and mocha – green, pink and brown in other words but a very lovely shade, I looked at the pink blanket I did for my bed and chose 3 colours I really liked from there.  Next to decide how to make lap blanket look or whether just to wing in as I go like I have with the others.  Crochet for me is about turning off, not overthinking things so winging it is most likely.  If you’re on of the new band of hookers (folk who crochet, keep it clean!) http://sewandsew.uk.com/ is where I’m buying my wool, she’s excellent the stylecraft wool, it’s very cheap compared to other websites and she's very helpful too. I know a lot of my friends are picking up their crochet hook lately, I have the stylecraft colour chart in my bag if you want to take a look when I see you.

The roast chicken will definitely happen today, everything was chopped and prepared yesterday then my sister sent the pie which put a stop to the chicken dinner, all good though as I can throw it all together and still have a bit of time to spend with my guests in-between my meetings.

Getting up early has put me on delay, back to yesterday morning before the visitors arrived, Alfie’s vet appointment went well, his ulcer has healed and he’s back to good, just said to finish off the drops and gel until they’ve gone. 

My reflexology session was awesome and I did sleep really well until I was woken by mom, would definitely recommend it.  Check out her Facebook page to find out more  

What is it, in brief reflexology is a health therapy based on reflex points on your hands/feet which correspond to all organs/glands and all body parts.  Benefits include; better sleep, restores energy, deep relaxation, reduce stress, relieve pain, eliminates waste toxins built up in the body, improves blood circulation, helps digestive system and promotes well-being!

I’ll have a bit of that, plus it’s an hour of relaxation that benefits me, also I think you stand on your poor feet all the time, they take the pressure constantly, having them a good massage makes so much sense.

Right I’m going to get on with my day, enjoy my meetings, my visitors and hope not to do too much damage on those scales.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, take care of you because you’re important too.

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