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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Happy Wednesday!

25th April 2018
Happiness in the new rich.  Inner peace is the new success.  Health is the new wealth.  Kindness is the new cool.

Yay, it’s payday but don’t be asking me for a loan, cos this month’s are paying for my car to be fixed and hopefully to spruce up the inside of my summerhouse, all hail the credit card, some of it can go on next months if needed. 

I’m after shell, the ones you get at the beach, I want to mix them in with all the gravel in the back garden and when moms pottering around she will find them.  We’ve had so many lovely holidays at the seaside, she used to be on the beach for hours rock pooling and messing about, even in December, I’d sit watching her from the warmth of the cottage sometimes because it was just too cold.  If you take a trip to the seaside, bring me some back :)

I had a thought this morning to buy some picture frames and fill them with photos from our trips and put them on the walls of the summer house, something for her to look at and relive our travels, recall those memories.  I like that idea a lot.

-       - -
-       - -

Well you won’t have noticed there was a 5 minutes pause taken there whilst I ranted!  Alfie, scratching my leg to go for a walk, me trying to say I’ve only just got out of bed mate, I’ll take you when I’ve blogged.  Him being relentless and not leaving me alone, me losing my rag and getting his lead, putting my coat on.  Him standing at the top of the stairs looking at me as if to say, “I don’t want to go now!”

And breathe!  Oh yes it’s coming up to that time on the hormonal monthly cycle!

Anyway, I’m calm again so back to my blog, I had my tea cooked for me yesterday, Moroccan spiced chicken only 2SP, I had it on a jacket potato, not bad at all, I’ll get the recipe for you all, you’ll love it.  I also put a chicken in the slow cooker yesterday afternoon on low, it wasn’t done by the time I went to bed so I left it all night. This morning it’s fell apart, delicious.  If you’ve never just plonked a chicken in a slow cooker, do it.  Either on its own with nothing else or this time  I added a couple of onions, garlic cloves & carrots sat the chicken on top and sprinkled some chicken seasoning on the skin. The bones pull out easily as it falls apart then I’ve shredded it, removed the skin and left it to soak up the juice.  Looking forward to some of that for breakfast, I know it’s not normal but I don’t want to be normal, chicken in a flatbread mmmm.  I’ll have a banana too for balance!

I’m signing off now, because my brains not where it usually is when I blog, you can thank Alfie for that, plus I now know my mom will be sulking because I shouted and Alfie will be lying by her giving her that “it’s such a shame for me isn’t it mom” look! 

Happy Days BeYOUtiful, it’s all good, I’ll go make a fuss, apologise and we can get on with our day.  Isn’t life wonderful, seriously though – it really is, better a house full of crazy than an empty one.

Enjoy your day and whatever you decide to eat.

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