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Friday, 27 April 2018

Working up to #MissionMe in May

27th April 2018
In the end, she became more than what she expected, she became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end, she just simply changed directions and kept going.  R. M. Drake

No sitting round and doing nothing for me this morning, I’ve got to take my car in at 9, then a couple of hours at Morrison’s, Willenhall promoting Weight Watchers, thanks to Angie being my Chauffeur this morning, she’s also going to be my walking, talking WW advert, if any of you are out and about this morning pop in and see us, help us show people how good the plan is.

I used up the leftover chicken yesterday by putting it in a pan with some stock and a tin of mixed pulses, added some flavouring and served in two of those tortilla boats, it was food – it didn’t work out as good as the last time I tried it.   

My tea was lovely though garlic seasoned salmon, asparagus and pilau rice, really enjoyed that.  I was tactical as I left my meeting, I really needed a wee but instead of going I decided to wait until I got home because that way I wouldn’t stop for chippy tea or Tesco – it worked!

Right this MISSION ME, I’m building up to it, #MotivationMay #BevsWW #TheFlexEffect, I’m going to get myself organised this weekend, drag out the journal, find me a pad, my new WW magazines arrived yesterday, there’s some delicious looking recipes in there, I might cook in the meetings to remind me and my members how easy it is really to throw something together.  Oh and because I’m building up to it doesn’t mean I’m going crazy now, I’m still eating healthy, I’ll grab some bits in Morrison’s this morning, my besties coming later, I’ll feed her, gave her the choice of what to have and as usual, she said ‘I’m easy’ so now I’ve got to think, maybe steak salad, she’d have liked one of my sisters pies if I’d have thought about it soon, she’s a sucker for a pie my mate, but we’re getting back on track so pie maybe ain’t the best idea.  I do like the idea of that gammon on potatoes, oh and a cottage pie, see this is my prepping, I’m writing my meal list in my blog.

Meal ideas for next week
Gammon in slow cooker
Cottage pie
Roe – if I can get my hands on any!
Chicken patties on flatbreads – actually that might be today’s dinner

Yeah I’ll get my journal in a minute and write the shopping list if I have time, or I can do it later whilst chilling, I might do an online shop again.  We shall see.  This is all stuff I’ve got to work out, what will work better for me going forward, I need order in my world, I need to declutter my shopping and eating habits like I have my house and garden. 

We were talking about booze yesterday in the meetings, as you do and I think I’m going to treat myself to a bottle of dry martini, it’s only 2SP for a 50ml measure and it’s really nice with diet lemonade.

Anyway, I’m away to start my day, I need another cuppa tea and I know mom will, plus this typing’s hurting my wrist, it’s been hurting me since yesterday, I’m a middle aged bird falling apart, joking aside I think it’s because I’ve had a new phone and realised I’ve been holding it with just my one hand where my other one needed both because it was too big, back to holding in both hands if this is the result, I’ve even dreamt about having a sprained wrist because it was hurting in the night. 

Here’s to making Friday a Fri-YAY!  We getting this….

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