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Friday, 6 April 2018

Fancy a walk?

6th April 2018
There are people who would love to have your bad days – always remember that! 
Water, it was my saviour yesterday, I woke up tired, my back still had a twinge and as I was about to walk out the door at half 7, I thought, I’ll go back and grab a can of diet coke, caffeine will perk me up.  Then in the porch I spotted a litre bottle of water I’d chosen as the drink with a meal deal I’d bought mom the other week and decided to take that instead remembering my bestie always asks me if I’ve drunk a pint of water when I complain I’m beyond tired.  Once again she was right, I revived as the morning went on and my back eased too.  So if you ever feel tired and your back aches, drink a pint of water because sometimes you’re just dehydrated.
I was a very lucky lady yesterday, not only did my sister bring me round what looks like an amazing dinner but Nat my member bought me a lamb dinner too, now I have today’s dinner already sorted, although I’m not gonna lie, it might not make dinner time, I can see it being my breakfast!

Breakfast yesterday was a 5SP sausage, cheese and spring onion omelette that ended up as scrambled eggs but still tasted good.  

For lunch I had roe in flatbreads with salad for 7SP, I ate well yesterday, enjoyed a glass of wine, then got attacked by two bags of cheese and onion crisps – deep sigh. I did the whole 2 voices in my head debate, the crisp addict won.  This week is still an improvement on last and I walked the dog so earned some Fit Points doing that.

There’s not a lot going on in my world today, I feel like chilling out with my mom especially as we’ve got the walk on Sunday, if I’m going to be out then, I’ll stay home today, If you fancy joining us, here’s the details.

Fancy a walk on the chase

Sunday April 8th, 12 noon 

We're asking for a donation of £2, we'll meet at Whitehouse Car Park WS12 4PR, it's on Penkridge Bank Road at the junction with Marquis Drive.

This walk isn’t guided, we’re just going to walk together (so don’t get lost!)

For those of you who have asked for Karen Greens Justgiving page,
here's the info, if you want to deal in cash, the collection tub in the meeting is for Karen’s sponsor money too.

and donate or even easier send a text to 70070 with OWLS61 £1

I’m keeping this short this morning, I’ve got nothing to do and no place to be but I want to get on with doing it!  Have a great day, even if you’re over your points, track it, I have, I finished on 39SP yesterday, it’s all good, it’s tracked, I’m improving, persistence not perfection – remember that BeYOUtiful xx

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