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Friday, 19 August 2016

No I'm not counting today! I am tracking though :)

19th August 2016
Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

I made yesterday a good one too, food wise of course I mean because Thursdays are always good, I get to go see my Bloxwich Babes and have a giggle. I even had my dinner made for me, bought to my meeting in a little lunchbag, it was lovely too, how kind to go to the trouble of making my lunch, really made my day.  That and the gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Dave, I love flowers, they're so pretty but more than how they look, I love when they smell and my living room smelt divine last night.

The love I received from so many different places made me feel truly loved and extremely blessed, I was really touched by the things that were said.  It also made me think all these people love and care for me, time to care for myself and that was what kept me on track and helped me to make those wise food choices. 

I'm contemplating a bit of No Count over the weekend, I fancy gammon, burgers, chips and egg mmm - ooo baked beans on a jacket spud - yeah I think that's the direction I need this weekend.  Pasta, mmm I might even try and concoct a No Count version of lasagne!  I was told using cottage cheese instead of white sauce works.  Yeah absolutely 100%, No Count is on the cards.  I need spuds then and my favourite are Sainsbury's so I think I'll make a list of what I need and have a drive as I'm not keen on their online shopping, in the past they've send random replacements and short sell by date stuff!

Ooo Steak too, nom nom, I'm getting my eating on!  So shopping list so far

Low calories brown bread
Extra lean mince beef (for burgers / lasagne)
Cottage cheese (low fat)
Baked beans (curry)
Fruit (I've promised to eat some every day!) Thanks for that Sheila :) going to by some tinned I think
Cooked meats
FISH - salmon, haddock
Thins for burgers
Quark - gonna roast garlic I think and make a garlic spread with it
Chicken legs / breasts - skinless
Bacon medallions
Lean stewing steak - might make a stew, but think I might already have a frozen one in freezer - check first.

Just looking at list online and it says Roe, cod, hard, so I shall be trying to find a can of that maybe.

So I've got lots of foods I like on my list just need recipes now;

Main meals
Egg, chips and beans
Burgers on thins with huge salad
Chicken dinner
Beans on toast
Egg, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms
Steak and mash or chips with peas
Gammon and mustard mash with veggies
Smoked haddock with poached eggs and brown bread
Eggy crumpets with boiled ham, toms, mushrooms, beans
Liver and onions, mash, veg
Chicken casserole
Tandoori chicken (use weeklies for paste)

Tinned apples with oats and Greek yogurt, that sounds like a plan for a change of breakfast with a bit of nutmeg on top!

Yeah I need No Count, good, wholesome food, all easy to cook and now I have my list of meals I can print that out and put on fridge as a reminder if I start running out of ideas.  I've also got couscous, lentils, quinoa I can experiment with too.

Hungry now ;) feeling a bit of poached eggs on toast for breakfast I think as the fridge isn't heaving with food until I shop, there is some bacon though, I can just cook the medallion bit of it, save the fatty bit and freeze for when I need lardons for a recipe. 

I think burgers for my dinner, fancied them for a few days now and don't want to opt for maccy d's.  I'll get that burger press out.

Feeling positive, thank you to everyone who contributed to this feeling - I love you all! 

Happy Friday everyone, here's to a fantastic day, followed by an incredible weekend - whatever the weather decides to do. 

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