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Saturday, 13 August 2016

The roll needs to go ;-)

13th August 2016
Life only comes around once, so do what makes you happy and be with whoever makes you smile.
Good morning world!  I've woke up feeling good this morning, just done my meditation, had an in the zone day yesterday, had a big breakfast, wraps, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, I spent 15sp and went ouch when I worked it out, it would've been so easy to think of sod it, I'll not bother today, I'll start again tomorrow - I didn't.  Instead I sat at my desk and planned my teas for the week, then did an online order which will come later, I've got a good week to look forward to. I enjoyed a Weight Watcher meal for my tea, 10sp for the sweet and sour chicken, it was nice, don't get me wrong I could've eaten it twice but that's because I've got used to larger portions not because there wasn't enough.  I need to get my portions back under control, I'll do it gradually because if I do it all at once it'll scare the heck out of me.

Hopefully they'll deliver everything I've ordered in my shop, if they do we'll be having Wild Mushroom Penne tonight, it looks lush, from the ingredients I'd say there's enough for 3 portions at 11sp each or two big portions at 17sp, I'll see how hungry I am and whether I have much for lunch, probably won't so might be okay to have the bigger portion!  It looks good though, looking forward to it and only takes 20 minutes to cook, I'm finally using the rest of my simply cook kits.

One thing that's helped to get me back on track is my sunburn from yesterday!  After we'd walked Alfie, we went for an hour up the garden and because I'd got jeans and tshirt on I just took em off and sat in my bra and pants reading my book, not realising how warm it was, I haven't shown my stomach to the sun for ages, don't know why I did to be honest.  I now have a red belly and a red midriff with a white band in-between where my spare roll of flab sat ;) that doesn't need to be there, hence being on track!

My meeting last night at Essington helped too, June came to collect her 2 year award for being at goal having lost 4 stone, just incredible.  Liz also achieved her goal having lost five and a half stone - wowsers, Kelly got her first stone in 8 weeks and admitted to having a dirty kebab this week ;), Kerry who feels as if she's struggling with it all lost her stone which proves she's doing much better than she realises and looks fabulous.  Angele got her 10%, she's now only 6lb away from goal having lost 29lb since January.  Michelle also got her 10% award, it may not have been done quickly but it's been done and that's what it's about, it's not a race, it's a journey!  Then Elaine got her 2 stone & 10% award having joined the meeting when it opened back in May, so in 13 weeks she's lost 29.5lb!  How fantastic is that and you know what that's telling me....

It's 15 weeks till the beginning of December which is when Christmas really starts let's be honest, at 2lb a week that's a good two stone loss possible if you were to put your mind to it.  At 1lb a week I could lose a stone, I like that idea a lot, I've got maintenance sussed it appears, therefore all it would take is a bit of tweaking, not massive changes.  I think that's a damn fine idea, what would you like to lose with what's left of 2016?   

I'm all motivated now realising how well my members are doing, especially as the handful that hadn't had a great week had all agreed together that they were changing that this week, I'll be keeping my eye on them too don't you worry!

Now what to have for breakfast because I have no bread, but I do have a Weight Watcher wrap left, egg, mushroom and tomato wrap I reckon for 5sp, much smaller than yesterdays huge effort but it's plenty and will keep me satisfied all morning whilst I have a busy meeting and a giggle with the gang at Old Fallings, no better way to start a Saturday! 

Here's to a cracking good weekend BeYOUtiful. xx

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