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Friday, 5 August 2016

I live with the most BeYOUtiful lady in the world. xx

5th August 2016
The future depends on what we do in the present.  Mahatma Gandhi
Don't fight what you can't win!  What battles are you having that are just pointless?  Short of surgery, I'm never going to be a 6ft beauty with big boobs, I accepted that quite a long time ago, so I stopped comparing myself to the girls on the pages of the fancy magazines.  Are you battling against the pointless, those stretch marks you have, they're part of you, stop hating them.  If you boobs are going south, get a good bra! 

Stop wasting your precious time, thinking about what you just can't change, when you could be spending it focusing on those things you can change.  That stomach that has stretch marks on them, it could be flatter, more toned, those legs could be stronger, that would involve a little movement, but it'll productive and comes with results, sulking like a bitch about your wobbly bits does not burn calories!

Bags under your eyes - get an early night, still feeling lethargic - look at the quality of the food you're eating, could you do with drinking more water.

Take control BeYOUtiful!  What can you change and how do you plan to do it?

Let's start loving our body for what it is, we all want the younger generation to grow up loving themselves for who and what they are but you can't teach something you don't do yourself?  You can't teach French if you don't speak it!  So how can you teach a child self love if you don't understand how to love yourself first?

As I walked with my mom and Alfie yesterday, I actually looked at her as I waited for her to catch me up, she's just the most beautiful, amazing woman I've ever looked at in my life, the strongest woman I've ever known!  There she was hobbling towards me, the result of a road accident years ago that left her with one leg shorter than the other, she survived!  A woman who's had 7 children, who only a month before had fallen over and broken her jaw, who 4 years ago her stomach had exploded and I thought we would lose her. 

All I saw was an awesome lady who'd survived so much.  Her gorgeous smile, that shining silver hair, the glint in her eye that tells me she's planning mischief.  Every wrinkle on her face is evidence of a life lived, it adds to her beauty, when I look at her, all I see is love, love from her to me and love from me to her. 

I don't care if she's thin, fat, tall, short, it's just not important, what I care about is how she makes me feel.  That's all I care about with everyone I love, I care about how they make me feel, how I make them feel, not how good we look staying next to each other.

So what do I want to change in our lives?  Not much these days, if anything to be honest, I just want to continue living a healthy and happy life, focusing on making the wise food choices, buying the healthy good for us food, with the occasional slice of cake of course! Food is a big part of our lives, but it isn't the only important thing in our lives.  These days we like to focus on laughing, loving, sitting, chatting, walking, enjoying the moment, yep enjoying the NOW, and in this moment right now what we weigh isn't really the be all and end all, what we look like doesn't matter, how we feel, now that's what's important. 

Today decide to focus on the now, live in the moment, love those around you and YOURSELF!  xx

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