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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Writing me a Not Do List!

6th August 2016
Today pick your own pace and your own path, we all need a day to slow down, regroup and recharge.

Yesterday was a good day for my mom!  She went to her Weight Watcher meeting and achieved her 100lb award, how fab is that!  Mom's been at her goal for a good 11 years but because she broke her jaw last month she's not been eating as well or as much so she's lost a few more pounds which has took her under her goal and helped her finally get that 100lb!  I was so pleased for her and she basked in her glory, we celebrated with her having pistachio cake and custard at the pub.  
 I had pearl barley, kale and mushroom risotto with a large side salad, I didn't have the garlic bread so the menu told me it was under 500 calories, worked out at 18 Smart Points because of the saturated fat and sugars but I can honestly say it was the tastiest thing I've eaten all week.  Apparently it didn't look great, or so my facebook friends were quick to tell me, but I didn't care because when something tastes that good, you don't care what it looks like.

Mom didn't rush to get to her goal, it took her a good 20-30 years, chipping away at it a bit at a time, having a break, coming back to it.  We're all in such a rush with everything aren't we, not just weight loss but life in general. Most people have got a To Do list longer than the hours in the day will fill, whether it be an actual list or just a virtual one in their minds.  I woke up yesterday thinking, I don't want to rush, I actually don't want to do anything but there were some things that needed to be done, so I worked my way through those and made a virtual Not Do list, an Undo list is you like, the things I wasn't going to do yesterday because I didn't want to do much of anything.  It felt good!

If you were to write a Not Do List this weekend what would be on it, what are the things you want to stop doing? 

Top of all our lists could be Stop Giving Up when things get difficult.

We could add actual things onto the list, like

Stop worrying so much.
Stop some of those bad habits (I'll let you write yours in ;) )
Stop self doubting yourself - start being you can do it.
Stop letting what other people think of you bother you.
Stop making excuses - do it or don't of course, but do it sounds and feels better.
Stop taking on too much - you can't get through the to do list you already have!
Stop and sit and relax.

Remember you're a human being not a human doing.

Stop stressing about the stretch marks that aren't going anywhere.
Stop saying yes when you really want to say no.  Look after yourself too, that's self care not selfish.
Stop saying 'it's alright' when it clearly isn't. 
Stop thinking a bad day is a bad life.

This weekend, I'm going to stop thinking, I should really do.... housework, gardening, office work, ironing, sort kitchen, cook, blah blah blah.  This weekend I'm going to do or not do exactly what mom and I fancy, if that's sitting on our backsides, that's what we'll do, if it's going for a drive then that's what we'll do.  But I'm definitely liking the idea of a Not Do list this weekend because I'm a little bit tired, I'm going to have a weekend staycation once I've done my meeting this morning. 

I'll start it off with the cinema, we're off to see BFG and another thing I'm not going to do is, I'm not going to use a trip to the cinema as an excuse to think 'sod it I'll start tomorrow with my tracking'!

Nope, I will eat healthy today, make wise food choices and enjoy my day regardless.

What are you going to add to your Not To list for the weekend BeYOUtiful?

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