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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Stop doubting yourself.

21st August 2016
Believe in yourself and then start being yourself!

I've noticed with our weight loss and eating habits we believe what we think, our mind really is the deciding difference when it comes to whether we'll lose or not.  You'd think it was hand and mouth that caused the problem but it all starts with our thoughts. 

Capable woman suddenly become insecure about their ability to do it.  One example the other day one of my BeYOUtiful members said she was 'crap at planning and cooking', that's not really true, it's just her belief.  It can't be true, she has a family full of gorgeous, healthy kids and she runs her own business.  Someone lacking in planning ability would never have got there and her kids are surviving, her cooking can't be that bad!  I think it's more likely to be and I think this goes for all of us, thinking about weight loss is another thing on that 'to do' list, something else, cos we ain't got enough to do already have we!

It's also difficult to break old habits, if we've always gone off track mid morning by indulging in a treat, or at 8pm at night when we've sat down and the lobster hands kick in, these habits are so ingrained, a little bit of stress in our day makes it easier for us to think "sod it, I'll have the crisps", than "No, I'm staying focused, where's that apple!"

How do you break that cycle, that pattern?

It starts with a decision.  A decision that enough is enough, that you're going to stop the self doubt and believe in yourself again, stop listening to that chattering brain that's none stop producing excuses and justifications for why you can't / shouldn't / won't do what you really want to do because you think it's so difficult.

You could address the self doubt!  Now there's a thought, if you think you haven't got time, question that, when was the last time you made time for something on a day you hadn't got time.  We usually do this when there's an emergency, we get that call from a loved one who really needs help and guess what... suddenly we drop everything and we're there!  Yep, make yourself that loved one, your health and happiness is an emergency - a daily one.  Question you're ability to plan, if you've ever achieved anything in your life, you've had to plan it, you can't go on holiday without some planning.  You can't drive from A-B without planning.  Question your ability to cook a meal, there aren't many Nigella's and Jamie's in the world, you don't have to cook super clever meals, keep it simple.  Beans on toast, jacket spuds, roast chicken dinner, ham sandwich, normal food is healthy, it's the crap that causes the problems.  I've fancied a burger for weeks, yesterday I got half a pound of 5% beef mince, made it into a burger shape, fried it with a bit of spray light and had it on a Warburton brown thin, delicious, simple no count meal with actifry chips.  Most of the meals you feed your kids, I'm guessing can be tweaked to suit your weight loss plan too.
Eating is comforting, it's a distraction from other things, also if you have a weight problem to worry about, you can ignore the other things in your life you don't want to address! 

Decide today to focus on today!  Don't think about how you're going to stay on track for the whole week ahead, how long it's going to take to lose all that weight you've got to lose.  Remind yourself that all you can do is your best in the present moment, and put all your energy into the day ahead of you.  Stop wasting that energy thinking about "what ifs"

Remember you are enough!

You deserve to make yourself a priority and take care of that body, after all it's the only place you have to live. xx

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