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Thursday, 4 August 2016

My body is smiling...

4th August 2016
A loving heart is the truest wisdom.  Charles Dickens

Well we had excellent news at the hospital yesterday, mom was discharged and she can eat again, no lamb chops or toffees of course but back to real meals, egg and chips for lunch is was!  We couldn't have received better news that's for sure, now to get back to cooking a daily meal for two!  I still intend to use the food in the cupboard and freezer, I had a tin of oxtail soup for my tea last night 5sp with 3 slices of WW bread and spread for another 5sp, mom had said she fancied the soup weeks ago then it's sat there since as she kept opting for chicken or mushroom.  I will empty those cupboards :)

A lovely thing happened last night too, last week one of my BeYOUtiful members donated a food mixer and we auctioned it off to raise money, I'd bid as had quite a few but in the end Alison won it, then last night she gave it to me as a gift - how lovely was that, I was really surprised and chuffed.  Guess who's going to be making cake for the meeting next Wednesday now!  The arthritis in my wrists stops me even thinking about making them by hand, they're killing me at the moment after typing for a few hours on Tuesday.

Yesterday a video was shared on my timeline about if you were asked to describe your body in one word what would it be, http://www.heart.co.uk/style/lifestyle/quirky/body-coach-confidence-watch-video-weight-style/#uJsPEl2VEZ0T444O.97 it shows that our attitude as children was confident then by middle age that had changed to criticism then back to confidence in old age. 

I love my body but I haven't always, the lady who made that video is named Taryn Brumfitt, she's an inspiration, who posted this photo on the internet and it went viral. 
In her words, "this body of mine is not an ornament it's a vehicle", I 100% agree with this attitude, I've had the size 8, 6 pack body and I still wasn't happy with it, I was also bored and hungry!  I now eat for health and happiness, the numbers on the scales aren't as important as the smile on my face.  I'll never beat myself up over any of it again in my life.  I agree with her when she says, "Too much sacrifice, too much time, too much obsession!" 

Why do so many people hate their bodies?

Why can't we be grateful for all the things that our bodies can do, hell mine despite being in pain yesterday, I'm not just talking the arthritis in my wrists and ankles, I'm talking full no stomach cramps all day (great joy being a woman!), despite all that, it managed to do a trip to the hospital, a full day's work and my mind zoned out that pain to pay attention to the other things I was doing - how clever is that.  I wasn't ignoring how my body was feeling, I acknowledged that first, because now I'm more concerned with how it feels rather than how it looks.  I've realised I don't have to look a certain way to be liked, to have friends, they seem to love me regardless! 

How about we start to be kind to ourselves, stop conforming to what society says we have to look like, find your own style.  I loved seeing a members daughter going to her prom in a lovely dress with converse trainers on, now that's style, that's individuality, that's not making yourself wear high heels that pinch your toes just because everyone else does.

Stop worrying about how you look and start embracing how you feel, and working on making yourself feeling fit, well, healthy, happy and all those things that make you feel good, start appreciating your body, love it, whatever shape it is, yes LOVE IT, it's glorious, you're BeYOUtiful.   

Don't waste another day being at war with your body, embrace it, love it, realise it's magnificence, the more you do that, the more you'll believe it and wouldn't it be great if the children of today turn out to be the first generation of 'middle agers' that actually still love their bodies because you showed them the way.

Would you ever tell your child, "I'd love you a little bit more if you were a little thinner, maybe a bit prettier, you're just not what I expected, I wanted better!"

Imagine just for a moment, saying that, painful isn't it!  So stop saying it to yourself because trust me your inner child can hear it and the little people around you, take it all in, trust me - they miss NOTHING!

Today be BeYOUtiful, be happy, be healthy!  Believe me it feels great....

And you can be healthy at any weight!

This was what my journey has looked like, the photo on the left I was a size 8, under 9 stone, I look the picture of health, the truth was I was over exercising, under eating and my body has paid for it since, all these aches and pains started back then from overuse.  The one in the middle was what happened when I gave up training 6 days a week because I couldn't keep it up, I wanted a life that wasn't spent in the gym!  I found one, it involved overeating because I felt like I'd failed.  The one one the right was me when I got happy and healthy, taken since being a Weight Watcher leader, I was happy, I wasn't at goal weight but I was healthier and happier in my body than I've ever been, I wouldn't let them 'touch up' the shots they took, I didn't care that there was extra skin on my back that they seemed to think shouldn't be there!  Erm it's mine, it's staying, I loved having that confidence to not give a damn what people thought, and I can honestly say it's still there. 

Weight Watchers have give this months issue a naked theme, I'll admit to not reading it yet but after writing this, I will do.  

Right I'm off, I need to get ready for work, I've got a little engrossed in this blog, it's something I'm truly passionate about, I need you all to love yourself, because you don't take care of something you don't love and I want you to take care of you. xx

As for the one word, it would have to be my body is smiling because every time I try to think of one word and I look down at my body - I smile! 

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