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Monday, 29 August 2016

Take those photos!

29th August 2016
Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.

I had a lovely chilled out day yesterday and the sun shone = result!  Managed to read 2/3rds of my book so hopefully I'll finish that today, I love reading a book like that and ignoring everything else that you could be doing like housework, work work, nope not yesterday, yesterday I relaxed and tuned out, it was heaven.

I didn't even cook, I had planned on steak but once I'd had my breakfast, I just couldn't be bothered so I had sandwiches and that did me.  I said I'd track and I'm not going to lie, about half way through the day I through why bother, I know I'm over my day, but I've got up this morning and tracked everything, 83sp!  At least I know what I've had, why and can now work on where to go from here.  I'm stunned that 4 chocolate biscuits which weren't all that and I only ate because mom had them cost me 14 Smart Points!  So getting back to healthy is a work in progress!

A member posted in my group yesterday an image that said:
"One day, all your children will have is a picture of you.  Make sure you're in them.  No matter what your hair looks like, your make up, or your body, they won't care about any of that, they'll just want to see you".

She said that it had made her sad because she realised she deleted so many pictures on herself because she didn't like them, it had made her realise she doesn't need too. 

It struck a chord with a lot of members, and one replied
"I always hated photos of myself, so mostly my husband was in photos with our daughter as she was growing up. We lost my husband to cancer last year. This year I was upset as my daughter took what I thought was an unflattering photo of me without me knowing. My heart nearly broke when she said I have photos of dad but none of you, what if I lose you too, there will be no photos for me to remember you. From then on I have let her take photos no matter what I look like because she loves me as her mom not for what I look like. Hope this helps others have confidence to have their photos taken. Xx"

We really don't see "looks" when we're looking at those we love, I don't anyway, I see them and their heart, I don't care about how photogenic they are or whether they look good in a photo.  Some of my favourite photos when I look at them, I see a memory, instantly I'm taken back to a moment in time and I can feel it.  This is one of my fav photos with my bestie, we didn't care if we looked numpties! 
Nor in this one with V, she always looks beautiful even with the wig!

Nor this one with mom, we weren't trying to look the part!

And I think I looking rocking hot here - NOT! Do I care, erm let me think about that for a moment ;)

See the photos are memories of a person and a time you spent together, not what they looked like on the day, so take photos, make memories, have giggles, take time, spend that time together enjoying yourselves not thinking about how you look!

I plan to have one of those days today, it looks like it's going to be lovely, I'll do whatever mom fancies, if she wants a drive we'll have a drive, if she fancies sitting up the garden we'll do that, because the truth is, we giggle wherever we are.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday BeYOUtiful.

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