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Monday, 15 August 2016

Marvelous Monday anyone?

15th August 2016
BeYOUtiful begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Another Monday morning rolls around and for some reason, possibly the fact I realised we're halfway through August and over halfway through the year I thought about Christmas!  Sorry to mention the C word but.... it is only 18 more weigh ins, I mean weeks ;) or 131 sleeps if you prefer counting the days down. 

We've of course still got summer to enjoy yet, and we're in for a warm week I believe, but it is worth considering what you'd like to achieve over what's left of 2016, because let's be honest healthy and happy is an ongoing thing and starting a weight loss plan, well there is never going to be a perfect time.  There will always be something going on to make it so the conditions aren't perfect - isn't that how we put the weight on in the first place because the time is never 'perfect'.

Rather than perfect focus on realistic I reckon!  That's my plan anyways.  So yesterday I decided it's time to work on my portion sizes, my breakfast is always bigger than it needs to be, so I opted for a Weight Watcher wrap (as the packets open and I don't want to waste them) had it with the leftover half can of tomatoes, mushrooms and an egg, 5sp for my breakfast.  We then went for a drive out, ended up at Weston Park mom had cake and coffee, I settled for coffee deciding to wait until I got home and have food.  It was after 3 when I finally ate but it was worth the wait, Thai Chicken, it should've been grilled but I cooked it in the oven, it was another Simply Cook kit and I didn't think I liked Thai food but this was good....
 We then spent the rest of the day watching films, The Jungle Book which believe it or not we'd never seen!  Followed by the Good Dinosaur which is really good too, I gasped a few times, got a little too involved in that one I reckon!

Your mission should you chose to accept it this week is to make me proud to be a leader, I want all my members to post a photo on their Facebook timeline like this one of mom, using a piece of paper and a marker pen write what you've lost and what you've gained from being a Weight Watcher members, tag me in the post and use the hashtag #MyWWJourney, let's get us trending!  We're awesome after all!

I'm planning on another day of focusing on the healthy, my tandoori chicken has been marinating in the fridge overnight, I'm thinking eggs for breakfast, if moms game for a drive without Alfie again we'll go have them at Essington Fruit Farm, if not I'll make my own.

Right I'm off to get a few bits done before my day off starts, here's to a marvelous Monday!  You up for that BeYOUtiful.

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