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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Laughing thanks to the Poundshop

9th August 2016
Life is a grindstone.  Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.  T L Holdcroft.
We had a lovely few hours yesterday mom and I, once I'd took Alfie to the vets and got him some medication, he's got to go back but he'll be okay.  We decided it was best to leave him at home to rest, so we went for breakfast at the Essington Fruit Farm to check in out now it's all been done out and we had poached eggs on toast, they were epic!  I'm not good at cooking poached eggs so having them made for us was perfect, they do a mean pot of tea too, it has to be said. 

Next we moved onto the shop part of the farm and mom treated herself to some strawberries, jam, clotted cream and scone, as well as a few other bits, so that was her afternoon tea sorted for later.  We then had a lovely drive through the lanes, we stopped to watch a kestrel on the phone wires for a while and some goats in a field.  The kids were playing and head butting each other which made us both chuckle.  We ended up in the Poundshop,  There we spent money on stuff we didn't need before finding our best buy which made up chuckle all the way home;

Who'd have thought you could have so much fun with a pound, Alfie didn't even notice them when we got home!

I need to sort my photos and videos, haven't backed up from computer in a while so that can be this week's task, they're on my phone, backed up on pc and icloud but I like to have an external back up too.  I also fancy getting the pics of mom and I printed, maybe do a wall collage or something, so we can smile at them daily!

Whilst mom enjoyed her afternoon tea, I had a chicken and bacon salad which was delicious, then we both had an extremely early night, after the sleepless on the night before I needed some catch up sleep so we were there by half seven and I've slept too, my alarm woke me just after half four and I enjoyed my 20 minute meditation. 

We're having a culinary delight for lunch today, yep fish finger sandwiches!  Can't wait, been fancying them for days, 4 Birds Eye cod fish fingers are 6 Smart Points, bargain!

I finished my Harry Potter book, that's 3 books this month, I'm rather chuffed, that's more than I've read this year, my next one planned is called Nina is NOT ok by Shappi Khorsandi, whilst I'm reading, I'm not eating, that's got to be a positive.

We're busy making memories at the moment, taking silly videos and photos to help us both remember these days, you can't beat having a giggle, love our drives out, a few hours out feels like a mini holiday, always come back refreshed.

Now to get ready for work, I do believe we have the kitchen back at last today, so we'll be able to have a cuppa, this week's all about cheap and convenient, those poached eggs on toast cost us £2.25 each yesterday at the cafe, to make yourself depending on which eggs you buy, they'd cost you even less, I buy organic eggs which are the most expensive so about 40p an egg, sometimes I get eggs from a member from her chickens, they work out cheaper at £1 for 6, both are delicious, so a delicious meal for under £1, that's cheap and convenient, well how long does it take to make eggs on toast, if you can't poach you can soft boil or dry fry - no excuse not to eat healthy really is there! 

Here's to a healthy and happy day today BeYOUtiful, try and get a giggle in there somewhere, it's not always easy but it can be done, I've already had a smile moment, woke up to an inbox message from an amazing lady who last night has smuggled her mom out of hospital, they wrapped her up like ET, that's making the best of a bad situation!  We all have that strength, we just have to dig really deep to find it!

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