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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How can you make yourself a priority today?

30th August 2016
Let whatever you do today be enough.

I've had a smashing bank holiday, so glad the sun was shining, the forecasters got that wrong earlier in the week!  The thing about having a really relaxing weekend is getting going again, I will though, just a bit of caffeine needed and we'll be raring to go.  I've woke so many times in the night but I quite liked it because when I looked at the clock I realised it wasn't morning yet and I could go back to sleep - result. 

Finished my book yesterday, "The girl who lied" by Sue Fortin, it's only 99p on kindle and a cracking good read right through to the last page, I really enjoyed it.  I've moved onto "Dear Amy" by Helen Callaghan, which looks like it's going to be our groups chosen book of the month, I'm not finding it quite so easy to read but that could've just been because I was all read out, we shall see. Plus reading is stopping me thinking about food which is always a good thing!

So my eating habits yesterday were improved if still quite high, I had scrambled eggs on a warburton thin with mushrooms and tomatoes for brekkie, for lunch I had a steak with parsnips, potatoes, carrots and corn on the cob with gravy, then for tea I just had a slice of cheese on toast, so all of it was No Count apart from the gravy and about 15g of cheese.  40sp worth of food still though!  It'll be less today because I'll be busy at work, less sitting around.  I overshopped too so will be doing a bit of cooking today, to use some of the meat up I've bought or trying to get it in the freezer!

Right Tuesday is the new Monday this week for everyone who was overindulging yesterday, I'm thinking a good healthy breakfast is on the cards, followed by a delicious dinner full of lots of veggies and a light evening meal.  What they will be I'm not sure but my fridge is full of good stuff so it won't be hard to decide. 

Mmm if you have any good chicken recipes, inbox me, I think I'm going to throw a loads of stuff in the slow cooker and see how it turns out!  Sounds like a plan to me.

But first a cuppa, short blog today, brains still not woken up so can't think of much apart from make today matter...

Actually just copying and pasting this into the internet and putting that image above in made me think to ask, how can you make yourself a priority today?  For me it means actually thinking about what I'm doing and why, not just thinking oh I'll get there eventually.  I'm going to go downstairs now and put the kettle on, whilst I'm waiting for that to boil, I'll going to have a look through the fridge and decide on my day, not wing it!  How about you, how are you going to prioritise yourself?

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