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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Today I WILL track!

2nd August 2016
Become a possibilitarian.  No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities.  Norman Vincent Peale

I've really enjoyed my weekend, reading and generally recharging, did me the world of good it has.  Yesterday I had to take my car in for a new exhaust so Bonnie picked me up and we went for breakfast at Sainsbury's, then had a mooch round the pound shop before I came back and walked Alfie. 

I spent the afternoon baking, made the chocolate muffins from the sweet book and made rock cakes without the sultanas, added some lemon, trying to recreate a memory for Bonnie and apparently when she picked me up to collect my car, they weren't far off!  Just needed lemon icing sugar on the top.

Luckily I can resist cake, even just tasting bits left me feeling a bit sick, so I had  cucumber sandwiches for my tea and a bit of cheese.

I've still not tracked, part of me wants to do No Count today because of its simplicity, but I'm remembering the tin of stewing steak in the kitchen which I fancy so I'll probably stick with Smart Points, maybe have eggs on crumpets for breakfast, that'll help me resist the cake this morning at the meeting, then for dinner I can have the stewing steak with potatoes and peas, mmm, somewhere in this house there's a pack of onions I'm sure but I can't find them, I don't remember using them though, I'll need to stop and get an onion then.

Well I'm managing with the getting active in August, I may have listened to my book a lot yesterday but I still managed 9966 steps, I really should have made that 10k shouldn't I!  Hey ho, it's better than it normally would be on a Monday, it's raining out there today, will be a toughie to get Alfie out in the rain, he's a fair weather walker!  I shall do my best.

I've got a busy day ahead, 3 meetings and lots of computer work, so I will have to be as active as I'm able, we can only do our best - never forget that.  My members are all doing what they can, it's good to see they're all encouraging each other to improve rather than 'win', we're not in competition with each other, we're supporting each other.

Right I'm off, I've actually woke up hungry, so I need a mug of tea and a crumpet, mmm that'll do me.  I've not done a proper shop this week, I've got plenty to play at in the freezer, I want to defrost it I think, so I'll be working my way through it, my fridge keeps filling with water and it's doing my head in so if I defrost the whole thing it might rectify the problem, we can but hope.

Today I WILL track, no more ignoring it, it's all being wrote down.  I hope you're already tracking, and I hope not tracking hasn't messed up my chances at the scales on Friday.

Have a great day, see that grey sky as silver!

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