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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Who decides your portion size? Toby Carvery apparently!

14th April 2015
Hating your body will never get you as far as loving it will.

Good morning, isn't it going to be a lovely day!  Let's hope so, a bit of sunshine does us all the world of good.  My weigh in yesterday was a success, I lost 2.5lb which was what I gained two weeks ago but I'm ok with that, I'm back to total loss of 8lb, in 5 weeks and that's do me. 

Even better is all my members that have signed up to lose 7lb in 7 weeks, I'm one of them and I'm already 2.5lb down, so 4.5lb to go and 6 weigh-ins to do it with, I need to stay focused. 

Yesterday I was just that, focused and on track, Lynne and I wanted food and a catch up after our meeting so we went to the Toby carvery, I'm a sucker for a dinner, however I chose wisely, I went for the ham and turkey, turned down the beef, resisted the roasters, turned down the cauliflower cheese and this was my dinner;

And this was what it cost me in ProPoints as tracked on my WW app whilst in the pub!
1/3 portion(s) Carrots (40g)
1  portion(s) Yorkshire Pudding (1)
1  portion(s) Leeks (40g)
1  portion(s) Mashed Potato (100g)
1/2 portion(s) Gammon with Honey & Mustard Glaze
1/2 portion(s) Turkey with Orange Glaze
1  portion(s) Cabbage & Onion (40g)
1  portion(s) Peas (40g)
gravy - Quick-added food

Now that's a massive improvement on when I went back in 2012, this was the blog
http://wwbevsworld.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/yeah-i-ate-out-once-this-week-but-it.html this was the dinner;

and these were the ProPoints, according to the 2012 Eat Out guide, per 100g serving
Turkey – 4pp
Pork & crackling – 5pp
Beef – 7pp
Gammon – 5pp
Chipolatas – 4pp
Yorkshires x 2 = 18pp
Stuff = 4pp
Veggies per spoonful!
Cabbage – 1pp
Red cabbage – 1pp
Peas – 4pp
Carrots – 1pp
Cauliflower – 1pp
Caramelised Onion gravy – 2pp
Roast potatoes (5pp per 100g) = 10pp
Mashed potato (2pp per 100g) = 4pp
Beef gravy (1pp per spoonful) = 5pp
Total = 76pp

Back in 2012 they were putting a spray of butter on the veggies, when I asked at the carvery yesterday he told me only the mash had butter in that day.  The biggest difference I noticed was the Yorkshire pudding, what on earth is that all about, now I'm not complaining as such because let's be honest Yorkies are the best part of the meal but it just goes to show how crazy our portions are getting, here's a visual, the one is what we'd normally use on our Sunday dinner at home, the frozen type that cost 1pp, the other is one I acquired from the Toby as I was leaving yesterday!  That's a heck of a size difference!

Did you know they also do takeaway, oh yeah, you get a tray for the meat and veggies, a pot for the gravy and a bag for the Yorkie then a big bag to put it all in! 

They sat me at a table where I could see everyone helping themselves to the food, fascinating and at times scary, because some of those plates being carried away made that 76pp meal above look like a light bite!  I'm not joking, there was a kid who walked off with a meal about the same size as my 76pp on from 2012, now I know they burn off lots of energy but even so!  And how many scoops of mash does one plate need, the most I saw was 4, it was a big spoon!

Remember you control your portion sizes, no one else, if it's self serve you can put less on your plate, if you're served with a meal, you are allowed to leave some!  I'm learning, I really enjoyed my 18pp meal yesterday, even more so because I'm hoping it'll help me get a weight loss next week.

Here's to 7lb in 7 weeks, you in?

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