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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

From Good Friday to Tremendous Tuesday!

7th April 2015
You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.

So I got weighed at the meeting I covered last night and I stayed the same, which isn't bad to say I usually weigh in the morning, I'll take that and I think I'm about to be making some radical diet changes if this discomfort I'm suffering is anything to go by.  I phoned the 111 number yesterday just to ask for some advise until I could get to my GP because I just couldn't swallow without real pain and because of the systems they said I needed to see the emergency doctor, they had to be sure I wasn't having a heart attack, I knew I wasn't!  But I was happy to go see someone and wait for an hour, unlike the majority of people sat there moaning how they'd been waiting half hour, I mean really, how lucky are we compared to other countries, to be able to see a doctor on a bank holiday within a few hours of calling, I think that's incredible.  Any off my high horse, he agreed with me that it's my esophagus was the cause of the problem and he gave me some tablets to see how I go. 

So some major diet changes about to take place if food/drink is what's causing this as I don't want this pain on a regular basis, I'd gone all day without eating since trying to eat breakfast and it feeling like I was swallowing big bricks, so I wanted something to eat by teatime, I had a bit of mash, tinned salmon and peas.  The doctor said to steer clear of hot drinks, large meals and spicy food, so that's what I'll do!  I don't like this pain at all and can't expect to see a change if I don't make one.  I've got two weeks of tablets so I'll see how I go but if the pains not moving by the end of the week, I'll make another appointment with my own gp.  It's strange because there's not heartburn or indigestion just a pain that gets worse when I swallow.

Hey ho, tis what it is, living without thinking about food all the time will probably do me good for a change, lots of simple soft foods I reckon until it's sorted at least.  Bang goes my booze as it could aggravate too, booooooo, this could be good for my weight loss though! 

So how was your Bank Holiday weekend ;) better than mine I hope!  I actually don't feel ill which is a bonus, I'm still smiling and I'm looking forward to seeing my lovely members today.  I even have some mocha brownies from the WW Cook It Your Way book for them to try, I baked them yesterday after I came back from the doctors, may not be able to eat but I can bake, they look great and mom gave them her seal of approval.  I also baked the Chocolate Banana Marble cake from May's Weight Watcher magazine, that does look the part!  Both really easy to make too, and both freezable.

My members have lost over 500 stone this year already, let's see how they handled Easter and the first bank holiday of the year shall we!  Whatever those scales say, there's always this week to put it right, but remember don't expect to see a change if you don't make one BeYOUtiful, have a great day.

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