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Saturday, 11 April 2015

A day of giggles, doing what makes me happy...

11th April 2015
Make time for the things that make your heart sing because at some point the heart stops! B Longsden

Oh what a lot of laughter there was yesterday, there's no better pain than when your belly hurts from laughing so much and that's where we were as we walked back to the car!

We drove to Ironbridge, went for a walk round the shops, bought my bestie a pressie as she couldn't come out to play ;) and posted it from the post office there, there's a story there but I can't share it until she receives the pressie!  We ended up in Queenies, the best cupcakery in the land with the loveliest owner, Claire is like us, up for a giggle.  I've been before so I knew the cupcakes were good, this is the blog I wrote then http://wwbevsworld.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/you-can-have-your-cake-and-eat-it.html, I can't believe that's 2 years ago! 

So when we arrived, there was already a mom and child up the counter, well we all know I love children, especially those really precocious ones that ask what milkshakes do you have and when you reply "Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana" they reply "don't you have any others", and ask the price of everything, she was all of 8!  What's that all about, well I've sat down by now, and AnnMarie can't fit through the gap to get to our table and I can see she's fed up of waiting, when she looks at me and says "bored now!"  Eventually said darling and mother leave the shop with their cupcakes and we get to look, we can't decide so we choose 4 to share, isn't it a good job I've not been using my weeklies for wine this week, don't forget I wasn't the healthiest at the beginning of the week, so I missed food and have ProPoints to make up for!  Anyway we opted for Lemon, Salted Caramel, Snickerlicious and Rhubarb and Custard.  And of course in true ladies that lunch style, we shared them and graded them, so in first place for me would be the Snickerlicious with Salted Caramel in a close second, AnnMarie opted for the Salted Caramel as her winner, I reckon the base of the salted caramel with the snickerlicious filling and a bit of salted caramel mixed in would  have been epic!  Getting excited here can you tell!  The lemon one was also truly delicious.  And I've suggested a custard cream flavoured one which apparently Claire had been thinking about making herself that very morning, see if only I didn't love my job so much I could make amazing cupcakes, oh yeah and if I was good at baking!

So the next to walk in the shop, it was a day for funny folk was a woman who wanted to share!  She sat down, then clocked us and moved closer, AnnMarie didn't see her do that so she wasn't ready for what came next, I can spot a 'talk to me' a mile away and I don't mind normally but today I'd got the giggles so I couldn't hold a serious conversation and she started telling us about how she'd given up her job because she makes bunting, aprons etc for cafes such as this and she was now unemployed, as she's stood paying and about to leave she declares to the three of us how she almost died recently, given 6 minutes to live she was, a Femoral hernia she had!  She kept saying "I'd never heard of a femerol hernia and there I was with 6 minutes to live" I can't remember if it was Claire or AnnMarie that made the mistake of saying "where's a femerol hernia then?" Actually AnnMarie wouldn't have asked, she wouldn't even turn round to look at the woman, so thanks to Claire this ladies now stood in the middle of a cake shop rubbing her groin (for far too long) to show us, I really thought we were about to be shown her stitches!  Oh there's sharing and there's oversharing, as my bestie would say to me "Too Much Information" and we're best mates, it's just not coffee shop banter with a stranger is it.  So now I know all I'll ever need to know about femerol hernias and all I wished I'd never known.

Well once she'd gone we got back to chatting about our lovely day, I told Claire about the gift I'd sent my bestie and showed her the very same gift because I'd bought for mom, turns out I'd got them mixed up, without giving away what the gift is, it's in parts and I'd got the parts mixed up, moms had one of Lynne's bits and obviously in the envelope about to be sent special delivery to Lynne was one of moms, well we're all crying now, epic fail!  When a cocky chap walks in who thinks he's a lady killer, not realising he's not impressing any of us, he thinks we're laughing at him, which we aren't, we actually have funny things to laugh at!  Anyway I had to go back to the post office and ask really nicely if I could change the contents of the parcel I had just bought in, otherwise the gift would have no meaning at all!  She let us thankfully and I know this afternoon my bestie will giggle A LOT!  It's the kind of present only those closest to me would appreciate!  The lady in the shop where we bought it was SHOCKED when I actually walked to the till with it, she said, "Oh you're buying them, I thought you were just going to take a picture of it!" Made my day that did because how many of those 'gift shops' do people just walk round, look at stuff and then leave!

So that was my day and we drove back to real life, I dropped AnnMarie off then went via KFC to get mom her chicken I'd promised her, and YES I can have KFC folks so can everyone else on Weight Watchers

regular fries 9pp
Corn cobettes x 2 = 4pp
2 pieces of original chicken 13pp

However not everyone will order it how I did!  If you've been to the Bloxwich one you order one side of the building and drive round the other side to collect, well at some of these drive-thrus there's not always someone at the order window and so you drive to the pay window and order there, which was what I did, as no one came to the order window when I arrived or asked for my order over a tannoy.  So I've drove round the building and realise there isn't a pay window just a collect, so I get the attention of the chap in front of me and shout "did you order round there?", of course he did, now I can't reverse, one in case someone comes whizzing round and hits me and two because I ain't the best reverser, so instead I turn my engine off and walk back round to the order window, a cars obviously pulling up to order, the couple in the car realise what I'm doing but the KFC lady opens the window and I say "Is this the order window", she replies, "Erm yes, are you walking round?" So I explain no, my car's round there waiting for me ;) and we laugh and she serves me and then I realise she wants paying and my purse is in the car so I have to run round and fetch it!  So I pay and walk round the drive thru back to my car - ONLY ME!   When the car with the couple pull up behind me they start giggling again and I'm guessing that'll be because of the big "Weight Watcher" sticker in my back window - I CAN HAVE KFC FOLKS! Lol ;)

5 hours out of the hour, barely a signal on my phone and giggles with a great mate, what a difference that can make, do more of what makes you happy BeYOUtiful, enjoy your weekend, I'm going to. 

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