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Monday, 6 April 2015

Rebooted my system!

6th April 2015
The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.

I surprised myself yesterday, not only did I sort out my clothes and the airing cupboard (5 bin bags gone!) I also did the hall, cleaning the skirting boards on my hands and knees and tackled the kitchen, I was impressed, I said I'd do a bit every day and after yesterday I'm in credit for sure.  Now whether it's a coincidence or not I don't care but when I had my massage on Friday she asked what I wanted and I said "some energy to make me want to do stuff!" Karen said, "like a reboot", I was all, "yeah reboot my system for sure".  So that's what she did and she gave me the oil to bring home with instructions of how to tab it on my pulse points or put in my bath.  So either that stuff worked or that's one heck of a coincidence, even if it's only having a placebo effect, I don't care, I spent 3 hours cleaning my house yesterday I wouldn't have done any other time.

I'm covering a meeting later on, so I've not decided what I'm going to do with the rest of today, might work, might chill, not sure.  Unfortunately food isn't a please this weekend, I've got a uncomfortable pain in the centre of my chest since Saturday afternoon, that I assumed was trapped wind, but it ain't going away so I'll be making an appointment at the doctors I think as I had this a month or so ago too, so think I might have something wrong with my oesophagus, I'll go get me checked to be on the safe side, especially as mom has stomach problems I suppose I could've inherited.  Can't be not enjoying my food, I actually don't want to eat today, I just want this discomfort gone!

It's important if you ever feel something isn't right to go get checked to be on the safe side, I have an incredible member who upon losing weight found a lump in her breast, she went to get it checked and it was cancer, she'll be having a masectomy this week.  Getting checked quickly has saved her life, so please don't put things off, if you find a lump of any kind, it's always best to get it checked.  If you feel anything isn't quite right with your body, then it is important to go and have a check up, that's what the GP surgery is there for. 

Right on a happier note, it's Bank Holiday Monday, the first of the year, hopefully you're all up to something nice even if they involves chilling out at home, I'm off for a bubble bath I think, there ain't a better way to start a day.

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