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Thursday, 23 April 2015

More time please?

23rd April 2015
Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

Doh, woke just before 4 and decided to get up and go see if I could see the meteor storm - I couldn't, just got a crick in my neck from looking up!

So I ate what was on my menu plan yesterday, quite pleased with that, had a cake at the meeting for 2pp, ooo that lemon crunch cake in the new cook book is divine and Julie had made it into cupcakes rather than a loaf -I couldn't resist!

My day still wasn't perfect and I'm over on my allowance for the week I'm guessing, but it won't stop me from doing my best to eat healthy and stay focused for the rest of the week. 

Contemplating filling & healthy today, although I think I'll stick with ProPoints because I'll be tempted to eat too much, I'll just include the F&H foods.  Really enjoyed my porridge and raspberries yesterday, so that'll be breakfast again today.  I need quick and without thought today as it's my busiest day and I've just got a to do list as long as my arm, think I'm going to have to raid the freezer.  Although I'm fancying poached eggs on toast for lunch, yeah mom'll like that too, then supper well my hearts saying have a takeaway, get it out your system, my heads saying how will you feel Monday if you get a big gain......

Mmm, chicken biryani 11pp out of the freezer it is then, I know I've already pushed the plan to the limit, I don't want to push it over the edge really.  As much as I could take a gain on Monday and get over it, I don't want one, I want to lose 7lb in 7 weeks and I still have 4 of it to go, so nope I won't be having a takeaway, that once eaten will be forgotten within the hour.  Ooo poached eggs though, they'll be delicious, I could eat eggs every day to be honest.  Biryani for tea or wholewheat spaghetti depending on my patience levels when I get back home.  I've had a melon for over a week that I still haven't got round to chopping up, doesn't that sound lazy, I'm not I just do the other thing that would take 5 minutes, yep that busy from Tuesday to Friday, then I'm too tired Friday to care and have a massage to chill out, then Saturday I'm back at work till lunchtime, Sunday I work a few hours too, doesn't leave a great deal of free time and cooking at the minute, well, it's just not up there on the 'want to do' list.  Last week was busier than usual because of the charity and open day stuff I do, so this week should be easier.  I really need to write a meal plan of some sort for the week so I can do a 'proper' shop, not one like I did last Sunday where I just wandered round buying the things I knew we'd run out of but bypassed most of the veg aisle! 

Yeah I need frozen veggies, so I need to use some of the stuff in their to make room, so biryani it is!  I'll take some chicken out too, defrost it, then I've got to cook something ready for tomorrow, ooo I could do something in the slow cooker.  See it all takes thought and time and there's way too much going on in my head this week already!

Hark and me and the excuse list, If I don't have the time and inclination to cook, then I need to buy ready meals or easy to build a meal ingredients rather than buying a bag of babybels and eating one every night because they're nice and just happen to be easy to get out of the fridge and eat without thinking about how to cook them!  Yeah they're not being bought again, I can't have that quick access type of food in my fridge, it's dangerous to me.

So no takeaway for me, yes to sorting my shopping list and meals for the coming week, hoping for a dry weekend (although rains forecast) as I'd like to get in the garden and plant some more flowers, do a bit of weeding. 

Feeling like I want to get in the kitchen and cook something now, ten to five in the mornings a bit early though isn't it ;) Instead I'll go make a cuppa, get the paperwork done and maybe spend five minutes thinking about easy to cook food that I can start having whilst my life's extra busy with the extra work.  Good that I enjoy my job so much isn't it!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, prepare yourself the weekends almost here!

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