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Sunday, 5 April 2015

7am & I've already got food on my mind!

5th April 2015
If you don't love yourself, it's tough to love anything about your life.  Appreciating who you are is essential to your happiness.  Karen Salmansohn.

So I ate my Easter egg for my dinner yesterday after my meeting!  It was a milky bar one and cost me 10pp.  I've not tracked for a few days, that's asking for trouble, so I'm going to do a Filling & Healthy day today I've decided, then back to tracking 100% tomorrow when my new week starts.

My meeting yesterday was full of success, 120lb lost and a handful of awards handed out, just incredible all of them, a few giggles had too.  I love to see a group full of members having fun whilst I'm weighing at the scales, it's a real community and I love it.

Well in true Easter tradition, I'll be spending the day cleaning!   I'm gonna put my tunes on loud and enjoy the music whilst I cleanse my house ;) This weekend's no different for my household than any other weekend to be honest except I'm working tomorrow teatime covering a meeting.  The forecast for today is cloudy but dry so hopefully people will get to go out and about if they want to, looking out there at the minute it's foggy!

I'm thinking a beef dinner, nom nom, F&H style, mash, veg, beef and a bit of gravy, I could have a bit of lamb though and just ProPoint my day, oh decisions, decisions, at least there is a choice, I like that I have a choice.  I cooked and ate that turkey joint yesterday that was out of date, it tasted fine and I'm still typing so I think it was okay.

I fancy cooking, spending a few hours in the kitchen, not sure I'm safe enough to cook cake, as then I'll eat it.  Oooo I'm going to make chucky eggs for breakfast with soldiers, F&H it is then!

I've just nipped to make a cuppa and seen the bacon in the fridge!  I think we're back to ProPoints ;0) see this is why I struggle, it's foods fault, it all tastes so good!  I'm going to write a 'to eat' list I think, then do a meal planner so I can ensure I eat all those foods this week rather than thinking 'sod it' this morning and aiming to eat them all today and starting afresh in the morning!  We all know that doesn't really help our weight loss goals.

Yeah I've talked myself in and out of a sod it day, three times whilst writing this!  I will get through today on track, I won't use "It's Easter" as an excuse, especially as I'm not religious, we've never celebrated Easter in our house so I won't be pretending it's a celebration today neither!

On that note, I'm off to get my paperwork done, then I'm going to tackle the clothes pile in my bedroom before deciding where to go next, I feel a productive day coming on thankfully.  Whatever you're up to make it a good one.

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