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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What am I like!

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you the peer, you just take it.  Roseanne Barr

The universe is amazing!  This week in my meetings we're talking about moving that little bit more and I'm well aware that other than through my normally daily steps I'm not doing any 'activity' at all. My reasoning (some might say excuse) is I have far too much to do already without adding more into my day, I also can think of better ways to spend my time if I'm truly honest. Anyway back to the universe, so yesterday whilst talking with my members about how to get just that little bit of walking into your day, they start selling it to me with how good it makes you feel, Helen does 20 minutes when she gets to work before starting and I said out loud "now it's getting lighter mornings, I could do that I guess, ". Realising I already get up at five to get everything done, I also added "I could write my blog as I walk - multitask"'

Pwuh so it's now 5.22am, and my alarm scared me awake, as I walked to the bathroom it still looked dark outside and I thought to myself "really!" It's too dark to walk and I need a cuppa and the loo blah, blah, blah...

So I went downstairs, put the kettle on and had my glass of water whilst waiting for my tea, then I realised - wait for it....  We have no milk!  That's never happened to me I don't think, not ever can I remember completely running out of milk.

the universe is saying go fetch milk lady, do that walk, it'll take you half hour to walk there and back and then you've done your first one, you'll feel good and you'll be more inclined to do another tomorrow.

Well the time it takes to get to the Tesco was correct, unfortunately the universe likes to take the mickey because it doesn't open till six and that's half hour away!  It's also started raining, gotta love the British weather!  So I'm heading back towards my house as I'm not waiting and I'm sorry but I ain't walking about for the hour, I really don't have time, too much to do, I'll have to nip over the paper shop when it opens if it ain't open by the time I get back.

You know what though, I felt like I wanted to go back to bed half hour ago, proper tired I was, but now, I'm feeling awake, I've just passed a garden full of white bluebells ;) well I know that's not their proper name but I don't know what is.

Hopefully making the effort to get out and walk this morning will also help me to stay on track today - yeah I still wasn't perfect yesterday, there were biscuits involved!  Mom left her barrel on the side and its glass, so see through and I could see all the different kinds so I walked away with one of each!  At the moment I'm like the eating version of Henry, a food Hoover!  I'm blaming the cold weather coming back or shall I blame my hormones ;) or better still I won't blame anything, I'll just embrace that it's that part of my personality that rears it's ugly head now and again and I have to work on re-taming it. If I don't, it could consume me and then eating rubbish would become the norm, I'll gain weight, feel lethargic, miserable and blah and I'll stop moving about.  For me it'd be a viscous cycle and one I'm more than happy to continually battle against for the rest of my life.

It's still raining by the way and I'm still walking, luckily it's not too heavy so I just keep wiping the phone screen as I type.  You know what the universe has just done don't you!  Yep the rains got heavier, clever see, almost as clever as my inner lazy, greedy bitch who is trying to take over at the moment!  She's not been doing a bad job either, it really has been a battle of wills since I rejoined Weight Watchers 8 weeks ago!  I've only just realised how good a job she's actually been doing.  For example, after I gained 1.5lb on Monday, she kept reminding me that next weeks a Bank Holiday so there won't be a meeting, so really I don't need to bother trying too hard this week as I'll be able to pull it back next week!  She also talked me into putting Warburton thins in my trolley even though I know I eat them on top of my normal meals which is going to not help my weight loss efforts at all.  She's been really clever and done a lot of other things and having this time to walk and think really is making me realise how my inner lazy, greedy bitch has been leading me off track.

Well she can do one!  It's absolutely pouring down now, I'm a few hundred yards from my house, but instead of going home, I'm walking back and forth under the awnings of the shop - it's still walking, takes me a few minutes to get from one end to the other.  I'd have to take the time to finish my blog anyway so I may as well do it this way earning Activity ProPoints than sat at my desk without a cup of tea (which I don't have the milk for still!). So take that inner lazy, greedy bitch, I'm taking back my power, my 'I want to be healthy and happy and lose a few pounds so I feel good for summer' side of my personality is shutting you down!

Ooh that felt good to write!

Well that's enough from me and my inner crazies, I'll let you get on with your day. Take a moment though to go inside and have a word with yourself if you've got a similar situation where you're fighting with yourself over this healthy lifestyle, realise which side will actually make you happiest, then take back your power!

I'm still walking back and forth, anyone sees me they'll think I'm mental!  I don't care, I also don't know what time the paper shop opens but it's not looking promising for 6!  So it looks like going home, jumping in my car and driving back down the garage, I will have done a 45 minute walk though ;)

Have a great day BeYOUtiful don't let anybody stand in the way of what you truly want - not even yourself!

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