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Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy (& Healthy) Monday BeYOUtiful

20th April 2015
Being healthy and happy shouldn't be a fad or a trend, it's a lifestyle.

Looks like another glorious day is on the way, I took a long walk with Alfie yesterday afternoon, it was great to get out in the sunshine after spending the morning on my pc, then an hour in the kitchen.  There was lots of sitting on our backside chilling too, a perfect Sunday these days that is.

Busy day today full of doctors and dentists, need to do some shopping too if I can and I'm hoping mom will be up for a bit of a drive and maybe a slice of cake whilst we're out or a mooch around the pound shop, we shall see!

Well I've lost 1/2lb this week, I'm over the moon with that after all the cakes at the bake sale and the Nando's Saturday afternoon!  So glad I resisted the takeaway this weekend, I've got a fakeaway chicken curry made to eat tonight so that will keep me satisfied.  I settled for a filling & healthy day yesterday, I had egg warby thins for breakfast, they were tasty and we had egg and chips for dinner which were delicious.  I've not been shopping yet and the fridge is bare.  I keep saying I'm going to shop online but then leave it too late and I can't wait two days for delivery!  I also have more coupons to use at Sainsbury's £12 off if I spend £60, that's a good deal so I shall use them for sure.

This weather makes me want to get pretty flowers growing in my garden, I've not done it this weekend as had busy Friday and Saturday but maybe next weekend, or today even, I could do some when we get back from all our appointments, noticed the pet shop across the road has sweet peas, I fancy some of them and a white flower I had last year, can't remember its name.  Yeah I'll nip over and buy them so I've got them ready.

It's that work / life balance again, I need to remember to find it, as much as I love my job, I do need to find time to do the other things I enjoy too.  I've got to be careful I don't work so much, I'm too tired to get round to the other stuff...  So easily done, especially because I do enjoy the working stuff.

I might see if Alfie fancies a walk this morning, he usually is a lazy boy and waits for mom, but I never know my luck, the sunshine might change his mind.

Got my bestie coming round for coffee, I might even feed her, depends what I can find in the cupboards ;) might need to nip and get a loaf!  Wonder if the Tesco garage sell Weight Watcher pitta breads, I could just eat salad pittas with roast chicken for lunch, mmm.

Anyway, the sooner I get the paperwork done, the sooner I'm free to garden.  1/2lb off every week from now till June, will take me up to a total loss of 11.5lb, that'll do me, a dress size more or less and back in my shorts, any more than that is a bonus!

Remember BeYOUtiful, Rome wasn't built in a day, but they did work on it every single day!  Here's to a healthy and happy day...

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