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Friday, 24 April 2015

A fabulous foodie is what I am!

24th April 2015
Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the 'perfect' body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got.

Caught up on my sleep and feeling ready for the day, I also survived yesterday without ending up in the takeaway, that wasn't easy I'm not going to lie.  My meals were simple, porridge and raspberries for brekkie, spaghetti, sweetcorn and garlic chicken for lunch and eggs on toast for tea, so not bad at all and all F&H ingredients!  It might have to be the way for a few days as I'm not tracking (I know I should) and I'm wanting to eat (nothing new there!) but I kept my portions reasonable yesterday and hopefully I can do damage limitation by the time I step on the scales Monday.

My porridge is already soaking with the raspberries this morning, they're not overnight oats, I've just put them in a bowl, my fridge is almost bare but I can't shop till Sunday because of my £12 coupon, so I'll be checking out the freezer and cupboards in a bit to decide on the rest of the day.  I have got a fancying for home made burgers so if I have mince in their I'll take that out to defrost or I might nip to co-op for some, having said that I won't have a car again today as he's doing my rear brakes, so I'll be walking to my massage again, I was planning on doing that anyway as its getting me active.

Why am I keeping all this going and not given up yet?  Because my members are motivating me with their fantastic weight loss efforts this week, 538lb lost already and numerous 5 and 10% awards handed out, 2 members achieving their goal - just incredible.  The #7lbsin7wks really has got us all fired up, it's definitely keeping me focused, I'm 3lb down, so 4lb to go, even if I don't manage a loss this Monday, I still have 4 weeks to sort it out, I can do it.

I've just realised what's wrong with me and food, I'm bored, I need some deliciousness in my life, I really need to get back to thinking about what's tasty and what I fancy, rather than what I can cook quickly!  Yeah defo, I just saw a recipe for turkey burgers in mushroom gravy and my eyes lit up!  I need to get those cook books out, plan some meals, get back to enjoying what I used to do, cooking up a treat, my instagram is full of foodie photos and I haven't been cooking or taking awesome food pics for ages https://instagram.com/bev_ww/ when I was going through my images in my iphone folder on my pc the other day, there were so many photos of meals I'd cook, I've stopped cooking, I mean from a recipe kind of cooking, not making egg on toast kind of cooking, or sticking a chicken breast in a garlic paper sheet like I did yesterday.  Yeah I need to cook, that's my weekend plan, so homemade burgers today it is then and that turkey burger recipe is definitely going to be made Weight Watcher friendly, ooo what about lamb burgers, or making little meatball sized ones and putting them on kebab sticks! 

Minty Lamb Burgers
225g (8oz) lean lamb mince 13pp
1small onion, quartered
1 garlic clove
10 mint leaves
60g (2oz) fresh salsa
salt & freshly ground black pepper

To serve:  Iceberg lettuce, Chopped cucumber,
Cherry tomatoes

Put the lamb, onion, garlic and mint in a food processor, with a little seasoning and blend until it comes together as a ball. (If you don’t have a food processor, chop everything as finely as possible then use your hands to squeeze it together.)  Shape the meat into 4 burgers and chill in the fridge for at least an hour.  Preheat the grill to a medium heat.  Cook the burgers for 5 minutes on each side or until cooked through.  Serve the burgers topped with the salsa and salad. Serves 2, 6pp per serving takes 20 minutes.

Oh and to end on one of my amazing members incredible reaction to a negative person yesterday, proving a positive attitude can help you ignore the nastiness in this world.  Yesterday someone in the street thought it was okay to insult her and she let it wash over her realising he was the one with the problem not her.  Yep taking back her power,  the only person that can affect your thoughts is you!  No one can hurt you but you; no one can control or influence you unless you give them permission!  If you accept and love yourself no one can touch you because you are content and happy.

Think about it;

No one can hurt you.

No one can tear you down, unless you give them power over you to do so.
No one can hurt you*, unless you let them.
No one can deflate you, without your permission.
No one can tell your truth, without your okay.
No one can make you angry, unless you give them that ability.
No one can define you, without your authority.
And likewise, no one can inspire you, inflate you, teach you, encourage you or motivate you unless you bestow upon them that power.

You’re invincible. Unless, of course, you choose not to be. Most of us, consciously or unconsciously, make the choice to give away our personal power to people, words, situations, relationships and the like.

Here's to a day of being in charge of your feelings BeYOUtiful, make it a positive one.

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