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Saturday, 4 April 2015

BeYOUtiful ain't we ;)

4th April 2015
Inhale.  Exhale.  Everything is going to be okay.
Psssst... actually it's going to turn out even better than okay.  You'll see.

How was your Good Friday?  Mine was a typical Friday to be honest, chilled out, went for a massage, watched a bit of tele with my mom, had an early night - rock and roll we are!

As I was fetching the milk out of the fridge this morning for my cuppa, I checked the sell by dates of the 3 for £10 meats I'd bought to decide what order to have them in the chicken joint I bought on Thursday teatime from Asda has use by date of 3rd on it!  Not impressed, as realised it's the 4th already, you shouldn't have to check the use by date on everything you pick up in shop, it should have a couple of days on it.  What a waste of money, hey ho, lesson learnt!  Tempted to smell it and cook it before I go to work, technically it's only 6 hours past it's use by date!

Anyway moving on, can't believe we're at Easter already, a quarter of the year gone, that's really flown

I saw this video yesterday on Facebook, really good, I do love a bit of comedy as you know, she makes some good points with humour.


Embrace your bodies ladies, don't be self deprecating, it's okay to have stretch marks, it means you gave life to someone - how incredible is that!  It's also okay to have a spare tyre, it doesn't make you a bad person, it doesn't mean you're not as good as everyone else and as Luisa says in the video, it means you've enjoyed meals out with friends, I like that! 

We can't be waiting to be 'thin' all the time, we need to live and love and laugh constantly because you know what, we blinked and we're a quarter of the way through the year, let's not waste any time, it goes by too quickly! 

So let's enjoy every day, eat healthy of course but don't beat yourself up when you look in the mirror if you're not the weight you think you should be!  Don't beat yourself up when you have a good time out with friends and you had a Naan bread with your curry even though you knew it would take you over your weeklies!  You were having a good time, like yourself as you are my lovelies because you're awesome and BeYOUtiful!  Never, ever forget that. 

As much as I want to get back in my jeans, I'm not sitting around sulking until it happens and if I'm honest, I can get another pair for a tenner if I'm not back in them for summer!  I will be though because I can eat lovely food and lose weight, it's all about a balance and it won't stop me eating out with my friends when I get that rare opportunity though!  Having time out with my mates is rare so the last thing I'm going to do is stress over it, I'm going to enjoy it and ensure that I make good choices when I'm at home and in control.

So here's to a fabulous day, looking forward to my meeting this morning, then I have a huge pile of clothes to sort out, bag some up for charity and iron the rest, Happy Easter ay! ;)  Whatever you're up to, enjoy and remember if you do end up overindulging with Friends, enjoy it, we can sort it out next week.

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