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Sunday, 12 April 2015

I'm blessed to know so many BeYOUtiful, incredible people!

12th April 2015
Don't stumble over something behind you.

So if you read my blog yesterday, you know I bought my friend a pressie, she received it and loved it, now I'm not going to write what the word was as I don't want to offend, but the reason the lady in the shop was so stunned that I was buying it was because they were wooden letters I was buying and when I took them to the till she said "I didn't think you were going to buy them, I thought you were just going to take a photo of them, most people buy 'home' or 'love'", I'm guessing my now you've gathered it was a swear word I'd bought, I got mom the same word and the reason I had to go back to the post office was because I'd got the letters all mixed up and Lynne had one of Moms letters! DOH!  Only me ay?

Anyway moving on to Saturday, cracking meeting Saturday, everyone was full of ideas of what we all need to buy from the supermarket and as soon as someone said fish fingers, I knew what I needed for my lunch, I shared my posh fish finger crusty baguette or french stick idea where you take out the softer bread to bring the ProPoints down but luckily when I got to Sainsbury's, I was rather impressed to find these beasts;

I didn't care how many ProPoints they were going to cost me, but I could tell they weren't that heavy just by picking them up.  When I weighed them on the scales, I didn't even have to remove any of the soft bread as they were only 4pp each, bargain.  I added Sainsbury's Mediterranean vegetables and fish fingers and voila, the perfect fish finger cob, it was very filling too, mom couldn't finish hers and I only just did, well worth 10pp of anybody's allowance!

Back to my meeting yesterday, next weekend there's an open weekend at the Wolverhampton fitness and swimming centre where I hold my meeting, so I thought I'd combine that with a bit of fundraising for moms Alzheimer's collection,  https://www.justgiving.com/Mymom which is already up to a staggering £678, this is going to be my charity focus for the year, it started as something I put together one Saturday night as everyone on Facebook was laughing and commenting at my mom's witticisms, I decided to ask people for money just because they loved my mom and she made them laugh, on the just giving page I wrote under the event description, "My mom. Doing nothing except asking for money, one day for Alzheimer's Society because we might be that person! & she makes you laugh!"  I thought I might be able to get £150 and it's not like the Alzheimer's society can't use the money, so every little helps, well now it's up to £678, which is just incredible. 

Today a group of my BeYOUtiful members are doing a sponsored walk (almost 10 miles), no cost involved to do it so all the money raised is going to the charity, I'm hoping my members will pop a few pounds in the charity tub in my meeting this week to show their support.  Of course anyone can donate via the https://www.justgiving.com/Mymom page too.  The local Express & Star newspaper came to the meeting to take a photo yesterday too, so we should hopefully make the paper Monday or Tuesday he said, how fab is that! 

And to help raise even more money, one of my lovely Weight Watcher members Jade, has donated an A4 piece of art done in coloured pencils, pen and watercolour. She's titled 'Bengal Beauty' and here she is
We're going to auction her off, starting today, I will start a thread on my Bev's Weight Watcher page this morning and you can all start bidding, I'm thinking a week of bids should be plenty of time, so the highest bidder by next Sunday morning at 7am will be the proud owner of the piece.  Get bidding folks, and also can you go like her facebook page please, she's a very talented young artist https://www.facebook.com/jadeysartwork

Right I better get some work done, as I'd like to spend the afternoon in the garden I think if it warms up, I have some weeding to do, getting it ready for the summer, a bit like my body, it needs cleaning up :)

Here's to a BeYOUtiful Sunday, hope yours is fabulous too.

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